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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Evolution of the Liberty Tree, or just a dead branch...

I wrote this a while ago at Kerodin - decided to post it here as well:

My shugyo days are long behind me.

I'm not ready to find a cave and write my book of five rings, though.  I have tasks before me that will demand all of my skills and experiences.  I have Patriots to meet, to teach, from whom I still have much to learn, and with whom to stand in the name of Rightful Liberty.

At least once each year I try to write a piece designed to remind my fellow III Patriots that there is more to life than the fight for Liberty.  But for some of us that fight for Liberty is hard-wired and inescapable.  When we find infringements in our daily lives, we do not hunch our shoulders and move on - we turn and square-up to the problem.  It is our raison d'etre.

You and I are part of the Natural Order of the Universe, as designed by Providence.  Each decision we take courses through the Universe, changing it.  As ursus maritimus evolved from ursus arctos, everything we do affects the 'DNA' of creation.  You and I are creating the future of Man, as is every other person on this spinning rock. 

Just as the anomaly of a white-coated Grizzly was rewarded by the Natural Order, so too will Man be affected by the outcome of our imminent Candid Exchange of Views.

When generations of Man continue to breed while living in a state of Liberty, eventually the DNA will evolve and more young bipeds will be born with an innate and powerful yearning to live in that same state.  However, as is the way of the Natural Order, competing traits such as sloth, deceit, and a sense of moral entitlement to the fruits of another mans labor, are also impacting the DNA of Man.  When Freemen breed with Freemen, they will grow little Freemen from the womb.  And as Human Parasites breed with their fellow travelers, they grow children who are innately parasitic.  When Poodles mate, they have baby Poodles.

These are not my rules, I simply recognize how things work.

Man has only been on Earth for a dozen million years, and recognizable to us as few as a two hundred thousand years ago.  Mankind is essentially a cherry in the Universe.  We only began to separate from our Hunter-Gatherer roots about 12,000 years ago.  Natural and artificial selection forces are at work on Man, taking us to a place we can't see from here.

Man is something to be surpassed.

You and I are part of that process.  Earth has seen five Extinction Level Events (ELE) and Humans may perish at any moment.  Whether an asteroid takes us out or we do it to ourselves with the weapons we create, tomorrow is not guaranteed to Man.  Yet every day we remain, every day we continue to breed, every decision we take affects the Humans who will come after us.

Most change in our Universe is a byproduct of violence.  Violence changes the course of existence.  An asteroid ended the dinosaurs and gave eventual rise to Humans.  That was a violent event.  And as our species fights to assert dominance over our fellow Man, that violence alters our evolutionary course.  Our Founding Generation in America is that mutation of Man that first demanded and then succeeded in establishing Rightful Liberty for their Tribe.  As everyone reading this column knows, it was only through savage violence that the Liberty Gene was able to survive and begin to take root in the DNA of Man - specifically Americans.

Yet every generation since our Founding has seen the Liberty Gene under pressure by the hard-wired Humans who would be Masters.  Will the Liberty mutation of Man be snuffed from the gene pool?  That is something you and I have a direct ability to influence.  Is the surpassing of Man dependent upon you and me working first to keep the Liberty gene alive while reducing the dominance of those who mean to be Masters?

It would seem so.

And it is that group of Humans who mean to be Masters who are pushing to remain the dominant bloodline of Mankind through violence.  It is not the Liberty gene pool that is murdering fellow men.  It is not the Liberty-inclined who seek badges and use weapons to murder homeless and old and other men in cold blood under color of law.  Not one Liberty-loving Soul has ever joined the ranks of the genocidal evil manifested in people such as Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot.

You and I are part of the evolutionary process, whether we wish to be or not.  You and I have the ability to help Man surpass itself and inch closer to Ghandi and Jefferson.  You and I will face violence brought by those who mean to be Masters, and through that violence we will affect the future of Man, whether we win or lose.  If we lose, or we take the decision not to respond to that violence, we still impact the evolution of our species, though we help undermine the Liberty gene.

You and I have the gift of being able to help Mankind evolve toward a state of Liberty, an evolution that will endure until Man is no more.  That is immortality.

The question is then simple: What kind of world do you want for your posterity?

The violence of change and opportunity, our Candid Exchange of Views, is imminent.

Stand and be counted.  Help our species evolve.  Be willing to do the Hard Things required to ensure the Liberty gene is not ripped from the DNA of Man.  Leave your mark on Humanity for your posterity.  Do your part to reduce the dominance of the genetic perversion that creates Humans with a desire to be Masters.

In the end, remember that you must die.

When on your deathbed will you look back upon your life and know that you helped Man in his quest to evolve and surpass himself?

III Percent Society, here.


  1. Another excellent tome. :)

    And that's the crux of the discussion, what does one choose as their pass along for posterity. To associate with people of like mind, who choose to think of more than themselves, who recognize the timeline of life is like a cloud in a windstorm, here and gone, but still hold the perspective of Liberty, manners, respect, discretion, intelligent thought, etc....... Or to wallow in selfish myopia, lack of learning, derision for standards, ignorance, etc............

    Violence? yep, it's not far away.



  2. "Most change in our Universe is a byproduct of violence."

    You gave a decent history recap overall, but that much is false, at least in the human realm. As you go about doing whatever you do today, pay close attention and you'll discover that the vast majority of it exists because of the OPPOSITE of violence. It exists because of rationality and an in-bred motivation to move forward.

    Violence is the only thing that can stop it, which is why it carries the day currently.

    It's funny...this time really is different. That's because once humans have the knowledge of what's happening in reality, refusal to go along carries a much worse punishment...it's the difference between ignorance and evasion. It may be that men have been ignorant of our nature prior to now, but we no longer have that excuse.

  3. When on your deathbed

    Reminded me of:

    "Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”


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