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Friday, September 12, 2014

Heh. The Enemy Within...

Those who scold that we have nothing to fear from Team BearDragon, only our own .Gov are not entirely wrong - they are simply failing to grasp the polygonal and the layers.

On the anniversary of 9/11, our President met with a Cleric who supports Hezbollah.  In Washington.

David has the story, here.

You need more ammo, Patriots.  And a wide-angle lens on that targeting matrix.

III Percent Society, here.

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  1. interesting comment: "more ammo... wide-angle lens on one's targeting matrix"

    David - from the last Chaplain's Page post - took 5 rocks from the brook, with the intent of meeting and going through each of the 5 male family members... then living to tell the story.

    losing was not an option then nor is it now... all the enemies must be accounted and prepared for...

    Prepping Preacher Chaplain IIIPSA


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