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Saturday, September 20, 2014

III Percent Society

The III Percent Society is our attempt to build a strong, organized and effective III organization.

We intend to go into Harm's Way.

With JPFO now effectively taken out of the fight, there is only one serious, hardcore Liberty Organization standing with one foot in the political realm, and the other on the Town Green: The III Percent Society for America.

No Compromise.  Ever.

Stand and be counted with us.  Help us finance the fight for Rightful Liberty.  Help us outfit the TOC.  Help us fight for Liberty.  All members get great discounts from some of the best trainers in the Liberty Movement.

We've got the SWAG train moving, so over the coming weeks Members will find their III Society gear in the mailbox. 

But the most important reason we ask you to join - so that when there is an event that needs Patriots in your AO, if the TOC is deployed or not, you can take point since you know the AO.  We need III Patriots in every county in America.

Consider joining us, here.  Bloggers & FB'ers, please help us by adding the logo on the right to your page, and linking to the III Society page: http://iiipercentsociety.blogspot.com/2014/07/simple-truth.html

We will succeed where other groups have failed - or sold out.



  1. "We will succeed where other groups have failed - or sold out."

    ok, I'll state the obvious - selling out is an EPIC fail.

    PP Chaplain IIIPSA

    1. Agreed. It's sad, but true - so many organizations/projects are driven by one or two people who have raging fire in the belly, and when they are gone, things fall apart. That's what happened at JPFO. Without Mr. Zelman, the organization was rudderless and passionless.

  2. I'm from Illinois and a lot of us are interested. Out of most states ours has the biggest vs on guns lets us now more

  3. I'm from Oregon. Joined III% society and oath keepers .


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