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Friday, September 5, 2014


A Redoubt: A temporary or supplementary fortification, typically square or polygonal and without flanking defenses.

Some of us have chosen to form the hard nucleus of our defensive and productive community by living in close proximity to one another in a particular county in a particular state.  A walled city?  Maybe, one day.  Piece-by-piece and bit-by-bit. But the concept is evolving as we warned all that it would.  I can promise you some individual homesteads will be walled, and some neighbors will share defensive walls, among other terrain-sculpting features to enhance defense and improve survivability and mobility.  I can make many more comments about the Citadel and those who choose to live as part of that community - but this isn't the place.  Families have moved in, and more are coming to be part of a strong, Liberty-respecting community.  We are bringing businesses, the ability to be self-sustaining and charitable when the world shits the bed.

(For the record: I never read a word Rawles had written until he started running his mouth about my wife.  We'll chat about that, one day...)

The larger American Redoubt, as defined by Rawles and his followers, is lacking a fundamental requisite for any regional Redoubt: Access to the sea.  Without access to the sea, you have nothing.  I can't even be bothered with the arguments - and I have never once heard or read a convincing argument for any land-locked redoubt.  Without access to the sea, too many doors close to be taken seriously as a sustainable regional Redoubt.  Rather than argue about it, I'll simply include the entire states of Washington & Oregon in my definition of the regional Citadel Redoubt.  Why Oregon?  Lewiston, Idaho has the furthest inland seaport in America, as Jamie can tell you.  If you can't hold the route from Lewiston to the Pacific - ya gots nuthin'.

But K - what about all those hippie/Leftists in Portland and Seattle?

Most of them will be part of the primary die-off.  Those of us in the deeper parts of the Redoubt will not need the sea in the first year - so let them kill each other and suffer the disease and famine, then it's a simple exercise to come down from the Cascades and secure the beachfront property and shipping hub.  Many of the seaboard survivors will be people we can deal with - like men who run fishing platforms and know how to feed themselves.  Coming down from the Cascades with the bounty of the inner redoubt to trade for those things that can be had in a seaport city makes for handshakes, not gunfights.

But having access to the Pacific for food and trade is a sine qua non for any serious mid-term (1-5 year) sustainability plan for the larger Citadel Redoubt. 

Why am I calling it the "Citadel Redoubt"  So it doesn't get confused with similar, though less prudent, concepts.

III Percent Society, here.


  1. K,

    1st, Excellent Post! I totally agree that Rawles redoubt is VERY short sighted in not including Oregon and Washington west of the Cascades. The liberal bastions of Portland, Salem and Eugene (little Berkley) will experience a massive die off within 3 months, not a year. You get outside of Eugene, it doesn't matter which direction you go and every yard has an Art Robinson for congress sign. The FSA won't be able to make it past the city limits without having a bunch of pissed off gun owners telling them they are not welcome in their communities.

    One major addition you need to add to the citadel redoubt is the Great State of Jefferson!! I purposely bought my retreat in Klamath County Or. so I would get to vote on the withdrawal of So. Oregon and No. California into the Great State of Jefferson. The III% Society should actively support their efforts and we may be able to pick up a few new members.

  2. Well then there is Ashland, southern Ore. Wealthy liberals.. The state of Jefferson is something I support, being that I live close to the Ore and Cal border. Most of N Cal is conservative, speaking of farmland&timber areas.
    Should the Great State of Jefferson ever come to be, I would think that access to the coast would open up for any and all sporting a III patch. It will in my neck of the woods..Hillbilly out.


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