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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SEAL Training & Trained Seals...

I wrote the piece below nearly 4 years ago.  I never meant to be a blogger, much less for 4 years.  I've accomplished some important goals with the help of you Patriots who give a damn.  The time is coming for a change.

The below piece is as true today as when written, and perhaps now in hindsight a few of you will grasp the full scope.


Consider: Anyone familiar with BUD/s knows that one mental and physical technique used to weed out the weaker minds and bodies is to put Sailors in the cold pacific surf until they reach the very limits of physiologic ability, skirting hypothermia.  A physician is on-hand to monitor core temperatures and enable Instructors to push and push and push, right to the edge. 

At the right moment the Sailors are called from the surf and allowed to circle a fire...just beyond the warmth.  They can see it, they know that a single step nearer the fire will provide some comfort.  They stand there, shivering uncontrollably, teeth chattering, minds screaming for warmth and respite.  As their bodies creep a bit back into the safe-zone of core temperature, the call is made and the order given - back into the surf!

The lesson here is that Government, in this case US Navy SEAL Instructors, understand just how far they can push before something snaps.  If you do not push hard enough, you will end up with weak links in the Teams.  Push too hard, and the organism fails - sailors die in the surf.

Push just right...you end up with a Navy SEAL.

Look across our society and see if you can find that same pattern being employed by those who would be our Masters.

Taxes: They take enough to ensure that you and your family must work constantly.  We do not have the time or energy to march on Washington.  We are too busy to even pay attention, most of the time.  They do not dare man-up and just admit that they are going to take 70% or more of every dollar you earn, but they get it anyway.

The taxes that come out of your check are only the chunk they are bold enough to take from you, daring you to do anything about it.  They get the rest of it every time you buy a good or service.  Buy a loaf of bread, the Government gets a cut.  Buy a meal at a restaurant, the Government gets a cut.  Put gas in your tank, fix a leaky toilet, install windows in your home, hold a yard sale, and Government gets a cut.

Die, and Government gets a cut of everything you leave behind.

They constantly fiddle with the flame under the pot.  They add a bit more heat (taking more money) when we'll tolerate it, and they turn the heat down a bit when we start to get grumpy.  Remember the Sailors running to and from the surf?

Same same.

Butter is running $3.50 - $4.75 per pound here.  Milk is at an all-time high.  A half-decent steak runs $12+ at the grocery store. 

Fuel: When I was courting my wife in 2002, gas was $1 a gallon.  A few summers ago it shot to $4.50 in the DC area.  I was driving my dream truck - a black Chevy Dooley 4x4 with the 8100 engine.  Not at $4.50 per gallon!

Americans threw a fit, and prices eased, and have now crept back to just about $3 per gallon.  There was no legitimate market force driving gasoline to $4.50/gallon.  The Instructors were running us to the surf and the fire, determining just how much they could charge for gasoline.  They wanted to find that sweet-spot just before we revolt.

It seems to be about $3.50/gallon.

TSA: Our Masters want to know everything.  Knowledge is power.  Right now we are in the surf and paying $4.50/gallon as regards the Fourth Amendment.  They are putting their hands on you wife's rack!

They'll back off, but you'd better believe the line marking the New Normal for Fourth Amendment encroachment will be leaps and bounds past where it was just a week before TSA started going knuckle deep.

Americans will settle for the New Normal, and Government will enjoy a net gain in power and knowledge about Americans, who will settle for almost anything, so long as it isn't knuckle-bumping the mons.

Patterns.  Look for them, and you will see them.  Then you can begin to counter.

But you will be swimming upstream, because the majority of Americans won't understand or care.  Most of them agree with the violations, with only shades of gray between them as to just how far is too far, or how much is too much.

Government always advances in power.  That is the pattern.

America is doing to itself what no power on Earth would be able to force upon us.
We are running, full speed and with abandon, into the arms of what History will one day record as the most efficient Police State ever to exist on the planet.

Snitches are a tool used very effectively by Government.

Snitches often ply their trade covertly, though the most successful are often right out in public, for everyone to see, wearing camouflage and singing the song you want to hear.

Snitches get paid by Government.  Sometimes it is with cash or by check.  Sometimes it is through favors. 

Look for it, you'll see the payoff, even if you don't want to admit it.

Perhaps the height of success in our lifetimes as regards Citizens snitching on one another was under the legendary  Mischa Wolf and his Stasi. 

Those in America who would be our Masters know the tools and methods of State oppression and subjugation.  They know too that to bring America under control is a generational endeavor.  They have been at it for many generations, and they are near their end move. 

Government serves as a generation-spanning tool in their efforts, for it provides institutional memory.  Today's newest Federal LEO is taught the techniques of running snitches by the retiring class, and they will refine and improve the art, recording it in training manuals, and handing off the methodology to the next generation.  But it is not restricted to snitches.  Every tool of Collectivist encroachment advances in parallel.

Control is not simply a matter of trained seals (Americans) following laws, regulations and taxes...it is also $4.50 gasoline.

The next time you are offered the lesser of evils, for instance: Pat-down or x-ray, take a moment and examine the premise of the offer.

Is there a third option?

There is always a third option...

III Percent Society, here.

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