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Sunday, September 7, 2014

"We have to be more mainstream..."

There are those who claim the Liberty Movement, and the III in particular, must become more "mainstream" and socially acceptable to win Hearts & Minds.  Personally, I think of Hearts & Minds of the general masses the way Patton thought of his flanks - they were the enemy's problem.

Let's get a few people unfucked:

The III is NOT, and never will be, the Hearts & Minds arm of the Liberty Movement.

The III is that tiny minority of Patriots who give other people the room to worry about the Hearts & Minds of people who don't care about Liberty and don't care about your principles.

The III is that tiny minority of Patriots who make it possible for others to provide bread and showers to the hungry and dirty.

The III is that tiny minority who go in Harm's Way, break the enemy, so that others may ignore us, judge us, pontificate about us, publish works for or against our actions with their blood-free hands and superior moral attitudes.

Do not get it twisted: The III has a singular purpose.  The III goes to the Green.  The III breaks the Enemies of Liberty.  Those Patriots too old to march to the Green, will be III from the windows, the porches, the cabs of their trucks.

Hearts & Minds?  The III wins Hearts & Minds by keeping as many good people alive and as many tyrants as possible not...

That's it.  Full stop.

III Patriots stand tall and do Hard Things.

There is a blurring of the lines in the Liberty Movement today.  There are Propagandists, Pamphleteers, REMFs, genuine Intel assets, Auxiliary - and the III.  The III are those Patriots who are willing to stand between the Enemies of Liberty and everyone else, armed and ready to kill or die.

Stop condemning the III because you do not understand the roles and positions of the players.

Yes, there does need to be a socially acceptable, politically credible, public face of the Liberty Movement. Ultimately they are called politicians, and even the Liberty Movement has them.  And that aspect of the Liberty Movement will never, ever, be able to embrace the part of the Liberty Movement that is responsible for cutting heads off tyrannical fucktards or hanging tyrants from lamp posts. 

Indeed, the public face must criticize the part of the Liberty Movement that is willing to do the Hardest Things, must make them outcasts - must, ultimately, when Liberty is once again secured, throw us under the bus and nod their heads when the meek middle is once again safe and standing in judgment of those who are now "War Criminals".

The III Percent Patriots in America will be hung or shot in the face by Enemies of Liberty, or one day will be permitted to be hung or shot in the back of the head by the lickspittle appeasers.

 Why will that happen in RevWarIII when it didn't happen in RevWarI?

Because already there is a loud knot of agitators infiltrated into the Liberty Movement who have declared where and when RevWarIII must end, when enough is enough, how Patriots must behave and fight and when, where, and how.  That is because they do not mean to eradicate Evil, merely replace it, to allow it to escape.  They do not mean to follow the counsel of many in RevWarI who demanded all Tories and Loyalists be run from the continent.  They do not believe in Patton's call to continue to Moscow when it was possible.

This time there can be no heed paid to those who cry "They've had enough!  Stop!"

All who do not live by the premise of Rightful Liberty must be extirpated from CONUS.

All. Of. Them.

Or, Patriot - after you have gone to the Green, into Harm's Way, you will be put down.


I wonder how many people worthy of and capable of genuine Rightful Liberty told Patrick Henry to sit down and shush when he said Liberty or Death.  Some did - and our Founders allowed them to remain after Yorktown.  Let's not repeat their mistake. 

Liberty or Death.  Convert, leave, or die.  Today, many say it, only a few mean it.

There is no room in America for those who do not mean it.

When you set out to take Vienna, TAKE VIENNA!



  1. Find something in your life that you would die for. Then live it.

  2. America will be the nation of "Love It, Leave It, Be Thrust From It or Buried Beneath It". For my part, I'd rather all would love it but I'm not so naive to believe all will. So, I'm resigned to seeing folks through one of the other 3.

    I'm just wondering just how few will be left who will truly embrace Rightful Liberty - with all of it's personal responsibilities - following a lifetime of teat-nursing off .gov.

  3. I've seen the results of being 'nice' and not wanting to appear more mainstream. Being polite while being pushed ain't my style. I prefer that attitude of "Fuck around and find out" better.

  4. When I say! when do we know when its time to start removing the evil that is all around us on a daily basis? I for one have had it with all the PC bullshit and the fuckers who wont (fill in the blank)....this used to be a country of MEN now there are so few of us left I forget where I read it but it went...the generation of today has to much quit in them.. or something along those lines and it struck me as so fucking true!! AMERICAS military is full of well lets call them what they are..sissys!! and people that want a free education she no longer has MEN who want to fight for her and all she stands for.
    again I ask when?

  5. Its said that during First Mannassas(Bull Run), Stonewall Jackson had to be ordered NOT to follow the yanks into DC in search of lincolns head. Its also said that AFTER the War Jefferson Davis expressed a DEEP regret at not allowing him to do it. Think about it.
    How much different would things be today if EVERY Tory and Loyalist HAD been driven out? Or Jackson HAD been allowed to take DC? (Im not gonna argue semantics about this. I believe Jackson felt that he could do it and he WOULD have.)
    My Point is, that IF we get to the place where The Enemy is under our boot we NEED to crush their windpipe. PERIOD!!! EVERY LAST one of them. Oh yes there will be cries of genocide from THEIR evil brothers and sisters around the world BUT WE MUST STAY THE COURSE.



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