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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Perspective

I haven't posted much on the Ebola gig.  WRSA has it covered.

Nothing I can do about it, anyway.  I was reminded last night about the simple lesson of doubling every day, beginning with a single penny.  Ebola may never hit the same pace, but the principle is sound, and worth remembering.

I do not believe in grand conspiracies.  However, I do believe in the Moscow Rules:

Once is an accident.

Twice is coincidence.

Three times is an enemy action.

This is "ramping up".  This is the "dropping of optics."

And the Enemies of Liberty are just warming up.

I still recommend everyone consider Election Day to be D-Day from the perspective of the Bad People - the last day of the good ol' days.

There is no course correction possible.  Impact is imminent.

Are you ready?

That's a rhetorical question...


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