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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NC PatCon

As many of you know Holly and I have been stuck on the East Coast to close on our local home so we can break all ties with the DC Metro.  Everything was timed perfectly - we were supposed to close yesterday (Sept. 30) then head to Bock's and host class and show off the TOC, then head to Idaho. (The studio is finished renovations except our personal touches!)

Then Mr. Murphy raised his head - closing did not happen yesterday as planned.  Things are fluid and dynamic, and I simply can't take the chance of being in NC when the buyer decides to sit and sign paperwork and hand over a check - a check needed for Idaho, as you can imagine.

My deepest apologies to CQB Alum who planned to be there, and new students, and everyone that Holly and I were so looking forward to seeing one more time before heading west.  But it would just be very bad for me (and my family) to not be here when the final documents need to be signed.



  1. Wow! You found a buyer? That's like finding a unicorn. Our place has been on the market for 175 days now and only 3 couples have looked at it. It's the most gorgeous place around here. I have two 8 point bucks roaming the property with a half a dozen doe's, 50 turkey, partridge, bear, you name it. It's even on 500' of a blue ribbon trout stream in a Nat'l Forest. No buyers. We're ready to just lock it up and leave.


    1. That sounds very nice Jim. Do you have a link to a realtor?

  2. Real life does get in the way of our plans from time to time! Sherry and I were looking forward to seeing yall and taking the CQB again! Our plans changed too as our son's wife is close to giving birth (our first grand). We thought we cold sneak away, but she was having close contractions last night. So, with heavy hearts I informed Brock that we would have to pass. Hope to see all soon. Kindest regards and good luck with the closing. Jeffery


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