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Friday, October 10, 2014

St. Louis Residents Run Police Out of Shaw Neighborhood

Thanks to Mike C.


  1. I live a few miles from the Shaw Neighborhood. Few if any of the shit disturbers likely live in Shaw. It is a pretty affluent neighborhood bordered by some less desirable areas. Most of the residents are pretty soft yuppies and hipsters who have no choice but to watch that go down outside and just not leave their house and hope for the best.

    The recurring theme with this is that it happens in areas that are predominantly liberal. They blocked the streets by St Louis University as well. Frightened libs just sit an watch or let it happen.

    If this starts happening in neighborhoods that will not tolerate such shit things will get hot fast. If it does, the police that the protesters don't want around, should just take their sweet ol' time en route.

  2. Fine, leave the bodies where they fall.

  3. Where are the militias that stood at the Bundy Ranch, regardless of the events surrounding the shooting, the truth may never come out, protesters need protection, right?

  4. Just noise.

    This will end when a) the governor authorizes deadly force, b) these tax-receivers approach a tax-payer's house, c) EBT benefits are lost for all who participate, or d) when a citizen unilaterally authorizes deadly force from 2-300yds away.

    Kudos to the cops for their discipline. This video would have been epic if I were a St. Louis cop assigned there that night, and I'd be typing this behind bars right now.

    Agree with Anon above - most thugs are from outside the area. I recall the first ~32 arrested in Ferguson were all non-st.-louis types. Remember, Lenin had to sneak back on a train to stir things up...


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