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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Brock Rocks

144,000 NICS checks Friday, a new record.  The final numbers will probably be available in a few days.  I'd love to know how many of those purchases were first-time buyers.  But the picture above is encouraging, isn't it!?  When our women begin engaging the Enemies of Liberty, we will win.  When mothers come to the conclusion that the Enemies of Liberty are a threat to their children, they will green light their men.  That is not a sign that Patriot men are weak - the fact is that Patriot men care about their families, care about what their wives think, and trust their judgment.  When wives and mothers believe the best interests of their families are served by men Standing Up and heading to the Green instead of going to the office, the end is near for the Enemies of Liberty.  Brock has the details, here.

Remember the Minute Women?

Today's Patriot women are modern Molly Pitchers.  Today's Patriot women are arming themselves so they can defend home & hearth when their men head to the Green.  Encourage your women to network and start relevant conversations with their friends.  A chicken in every pot and a pistol in every apron, and tyranny will die in America.




  1. Bravo, all we need is the green light.

    Dee Jay

  2. You have control of the light switch


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