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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ferguson Study Group: IV

We have several outstanding sources connecting dots from informed positions.

Has a NG WMD Response Team been put on station in/near Ferguson?  If so, is there any connection to the reports that Mo's Morons are seeking to jack the protests?  Remember, WMD may not mean a nuke or dirty bomb - consider how recent Ebola activity may (or may not) tie-in.

For your consideration:

7th WMD on exercises - look at their trucks, here.

7th WMD Civil Support Team from Global Security for background, here.

FoxNews on the Mo's Morons, here.

Gateway Pundit reaching the same conclusions, here.

Strong work.



  1. Hey Kerodin,


    things are heating up in Jerusalem and it may be crazy idea, but I wonder if the 'idiots here and the idiots other there' are somehow communicating and could coordinate mayhem and chaos.

    I really hope I am wrong.

  2. it appears to me that if the kenyan can't have it all then he's willing to set it on fire and see it all burn... doj jumping ship, lame duck, nearly every policy effort riddled with scandal, the withholding of key damning evidence of outright lying to the American public(Gruber the goober tapes conveniently "discovered") and now Mo about to be blown(literally) apart by the liar-in-chief...

    looks like DefCon Orange is about to go bloody Red...

    if i may take a moment to extrapolate and draw a parallel:

    import protestors, gobs of kitted-up .gov resources mixed with those with centuries of race-baited hatred = conflict... result will be .gov mud-hole stomping the opposing team and o.t. leadership potentially scattering into surrounding areas much like Boston Marathon bombing scenario... Ferguson on tight lock-down with .gov forces trooping house to house once again "in search of fleeing terrorists"... how far will such tactics extend geographically and for how long..??? yeah, i know - until it's "safe"

    it's a time of decision for Patriots in the Mo AO... if you stay, you risk being caught up in the possible aftermath if not the initial festivities... if you leave, you face the very real possibility of having your personal property ransacked/looted/confiscated...

    no one has the "right" answer except you so pray, consider your options, and chose wisely... my prayers and thoughts are with you Patriots who have had this thrust upon you...


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