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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ferguson Study Group: IX

I read the story at WeaponsMan this morning, and CA linked it here.

It is an excellent observation by the WeaponsMan Team, and CA nails the proper position on Race:

It ain’t the melanin that is dispositive.

It’s the amount of assholism present in the individual.

Each individual.

Just like any other freedom issue. - Concerned American @ WRSA

As Jim Klein correctly reminds us often: It is, and always has been, Individualism versus Collectivism.

And as anyone who bothers to think on the topic for even a few moments should conclude: The bad connotations associated with the concept of Collectivism do NOT extend to groups of people who consent to work together toward particular ends.  As our Tactical Trainers remind us all the time, if you do not have a Team, you are fooked.  And if your Teams do not have the support of at least a modest percentage of the non-combatants in your AO, your Team will be fooked.

Local, Local, Local as Bill Nye coined.  Build a Team and earn the support of at least a portion of the people in your AO, and you can be effective.  It is not all about defending yourself and your AO with violence.  Your role is to make certain your AO has showers, drinking water, food, medical support, and the other day-to-day essentials of life.  And when self defense is required, you will have the support of your community - regardless of their skin color or ethnicity.

Blanket statements such as "Your skin color is your uniform" must be understood to be as destructive to Rightful Liberty as the Marxism coming from the other side.

There is very little room in the Liberty Movement for people who do not think.

I hope everyone has taken the time to watch and consider everything that has been happening in Ferguson, and in the name of Ferguson across the country.


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  1. "Blanket statements such as "Your skin color is your uniform" must be understood to be as destructive to Rightful Liberty as the Marxism coming from the other side."

    While your assessment of the statement is true, the unfortunate fact remains that if/when it goes belly up in this country, many good will die along with the bad because of that. How do you tell them apart at a distance? Do you dare let them get close enough to find out who is who?

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia


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