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Friday, November 7, 2014

Ferguson Study Group

All indications are that Ferguson is going to go hot.

Forget the why, who is "responsible", who is right or wrong.

Watch what happens on both sides - action/reaction, cause/effect, strategy and tactics on both sides.

Teachable moments are imminent.

If you are in the AO and able to send reports, images or video, outstanding.  But stay safe.  Nothing in Ferguson is worth dying over...



  1. The "who" are communists, anarchists and miscreants who crawled out of their mom's basements and drove in from outside the area.

    If the Governor wants this to go away, all he has to do is authorize lethal force and promise pardons. "You loot, we shoot." Works every time.

  2. http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2014/11/ferguson-jury-decision-expected-bring-riots-worse-la-riots/

  3. At the moment, the only teachable moments I am gleaning from most of the Patriot blogsphere are an impatient expectation, to have a no holds, no quarter, do or die fight with rioting blacks. In place of having the backbone to do so with the traitorous criminals, communists and domestic enemies who are feverishly wiping their asses (non-stop) with our Constitution. Stopping long enough to cough up the rectal ass hairs of the GOP, and for high-fives, back slapping, happiness and laughter, furiously masturbating to the mid-term results.

    1. Smart man, most people that participate in the movement, from my perspective, hold blacks as their enemy instead of friend. Excuse me, not most, I do not want to generalize. Some. I stand with my brothers regardless of color, religion, or social status. I judge men by their character and deeds. With that being said, looting shouldn't be tolerated on innocent people.

    2. Seriously? A lot of so-called Patriots just want to fight blacks? That's not right! I'm with Anonymous about who I stand with and who I fight against - color doesn't even come into play...

    3. Bruce: Sadly, yes. I have sufficiently run-off most people who hold those views from this blog. There has been considerable WN (White National) insertion into the "Liberty Movement" - indeed, it was a publicly-stated goal of many WNs to infiltrate and co-opt the "Liberty Movement". Bill Nye was the first to notice it. When we started to scratch the surface, we found far too many people on our blogs who are genuine racists.

      Obviously such people can never be genuine Patriots who seek Rightful Liberty. When they pop-up here on this blog I promptly give them a warm mug of Fuck Off and Die.

    4. "Obviously such people can never be genuine Patriots who seek Rightful Liberty."

      Believe as you wish, but currently that's unevidenced. I don''t know about "Patriot," but any person can seek Rightful Liberty if they so choose, no matter what craziness they believe. They just gotta keep their paws to themselves---the NAP.

      It's easy to defend the Liberty of those with whom you agree, but Wars are won by doing the not-so-easy.

  4. As always, there is this to consider: New York Deputy Slaps Man For Refusing Unwarranted Search, infowars.com/video-new-york-deputy-slaps-man-for-refusing-unwarranted-search/
    "Let me see your fucking keys... I'm searching your fucking car!"
    Me thinks some of the blacks in Ferguson, about to do or die with shiny badged jackboots, thugs and murders (local and federal), have more than enough reasons to go berserker on them.
    By the way, the man who was slapped is a white 19 year old.

  5. UPDATE: timesunion.com reached out to Glans and got him to comment about the incident, saying he would do it all over again – but not if he knew he was being recorded. Not exactly the brightest of the bunch.
    Reached Saturday, Glans said there was more to the encounter than is captured on the video.
    “You saw the video. It doesn’t look good,” Glans told the Times Union. “I’m all about doing the right thing. I had to go to that point because of the factors that came into play. There was a gun that was involved (that) I spotted in the vehicle.”
    Asked if he would have handled the matter the same way again, Glans said he would, but not if he knew it was being filmed. He acknowledged that he did not know the incident was being videotaped.
    “I was concerned. It was a public safety issue,” the sergeant said. “If I had to do it all over again … I’d probably do the same thing. If I knew the camera was there, no, because it does look bad.”
    Obviously, brutal cops only deserve a righteous ass kicking, unless their victims happen to be plantation pickers.

  6. Grog's link is saying Sunday the 9th will be the day they return the verdict, This link is saying Monday the 10th after 2pm.

  7. Here's a link for the 12 state, county and municipal fire and police radio links for St. Louis county.



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