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Thursday, November 20, 2014

IIIGear & III Society SWAG

This is important for clarification that some folks aren't digesting - and I understand the confusion.

III Percent Society SWAG:  These are your Membership Packages.  The contents of the package are 100% bought/packaged/shipped by the III Percent Society for America.  We are working through the pile and already need to re-order several items.

IIIGear:  This represents the shirts, caps, mugs, and other III Branded gear we've been offering for several years via IIIGear.com.

Here's the important part: IIIGear and the III Society are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ENTITIES.

It is easy to be confused, hell - even PayPal got confused about it.

So: III Society - Here is an update on III Percent Society SWAG.  If you are a III Society Member, please go read the update.  Some of you enrolled under company names or the name of a spouse, and it is creating hiccups regarding Member Cards and our ability to identify legitimate Members.  This matters, especially if you ever need to present your card at a III Society event.

IIIGear: Email HERE if you have ANY outstanding IIIGear orders.

Yes, H & I are doing the whole packing/moving our lives thing across country, but we are handling order processing with the Gear & SWAG we have on-hand, a bit each day, as we go.


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  1. wow I just sent an email asking about iii membership card and such, when I returned to the site and hit refresh a whole posting about my question, weird. anyhoo get the stuff out as you can thanks


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