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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rightful Liberty: By any and all means...

Peacefully working within the system is clearly a waste of time and effort. - That is a piece of a comment over at WRSA today.  I won't link it simply because I am not out to bust the commenters balls.

But I disagree with the premise. 

Miss Violet sent me a link this afternoon regarding the Edgar County Watchdogs - two .mil vets who have been cleaning clocks in Illinois from within the system and without violence.  Most recently they executed a Citizen's Arrest on a County Council. (Granted - arresting the Council was only possible because of the threat of violence via the Sheriff and his guns - but I contend that is in-bounds use of "the system" as it was executed).

We will never vote our way out of the problems in America.  I am also convinced violence is inevitable, primarily because the Enemies of Liberty will force good people into circumstances requiring either subjugation or violent self defense - and there are many people among us who will not be subjugated.  The coming violence is likely to reach genocidal levels - whichever side "wins".

But none of that minimizes the work being done by many, many people who choose to fight with law and other means than FMJs for as long as they can.  The Watchdogs have done more to delegitimize "The System" than any trigger-puller, to date, and more than most of us.

Remember the Mission: Rightful Liberty.

Remember the means: By any means necessary and available to you.



  1. Well, yeah, there is the occasional "victory" to be had within the system. However, the few that there are are inconsequential and
    have no real effect on the problem as a whole. Ergo, "waste of time and effort" is certainly valid.

    1. How can it be seen as a waste of time if these two guys build legitimacy for themselves among their neighbors? Once the fight is over, they will be trusted in positions of responsibility.

      If the goal is Restoration and Rightful Liberty, then "Leaders" need to prove themselves to those who will be the remnant.

      Most of our Founding Fathers never fired a shot in anger. They were seen as legitimate Leaders despite the lack of direct violence they inflicted - because they fought in other ways.

      We need to look beyond "the fight" and to the aftermath as much as we need to bayonet Enemies of Liberty.

  2. Point taken. And certainly a means to identify possible future leaders, I agree. But that is probably the only redeeming value of engaging the scum at this point. Bayoneting would be far more productive and a better use of one's time in my opinion. ;-)


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