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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Staging near Ferguson...


  1. What in the world is the Federal Protective Service? Just another branch of the gestapo?

    "They are in the final stages of insanity – the Stalin Phase where they are paranoid about what everyone even thinks and says."

    The Rabbit hole is very deep and time is very short.

    1. it would be interesting to know if they were invited guests or crashers of the party... i've been(as i'm sure others have) in countries where there are 2 distinct yet equally visible law enforcement agencies... each with their separate tasking but let some trouble pop up and both rally like white on rice to see it pop down as quickly as possible... perhaps there's been such an adulterous relationship between states and feds that there is really no difference when trouble for their status quo crops up...

      another thought - if they can roll out and park so many fed wheels in ferguson, mo - where? - how many other places are they already staged and capable of rolling out..??? these vehicles had to come from somewhere....

      jus'sittin here, sippin my first morning coffee an'wonderin is all....

    2. "how many other places are they already staged and capable of rolling out.."

      Easy answer..."not enough." Problem is, they know that too, and so have to try and mitigate that problem ex ante.

      And as we all know, they have only one way to mitigate problems.

  2. Reminds me (when I was a kid) of my uncles pig pen.

  3. Anonymous hacked and "outed" kkk members yesterday after the klan threatened to "keep order" in the area (presumably through 2a means). They posted klan member info to hacked twitter account providing names, home addy and workplace info in some cases. Interesting day, the race war meme continues apace.

  4. The Navy Vet who posted the photos and video was fired by the Drury Plaza Hotel on Saturday. He was called a "terrorist" by the head of hotel security and was threatened also to be turned over to DHS.



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