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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Optics - Falling

I have warned since the day after the 2012 elections that the moment after the 2014 elections the Enemies of Liberty would dismiss all pretense and go hard for their agenda, regardless of the optics.

My analysis has been proven correct by the President himself. 

His 'secret' Amnesty plan is anything but secret.  In the wake of the elections, regardless of who controls the House & Senate, the President will ignore the Legislature and laws currently in place and use his pen to codify his immigration agenda.  There will be howling from the Capitol and the public.  I think we will all see just how serious and focused he is about 'transforming' America in the coming days, weeks and months.  We will see his true colors, unfiltered by the need to be re-elected.

Amnesty.  2A.  1A.  4A.  Tax revenue.  Right Wing oppression.  ObamaCare.  Israel.  Ebola.  Religion.

He has 2 years to accomplish his to-do list, and it is an extensive list of ways to weaken America.

And the 2 year timeframe only applies if he intends to leave.  I am not a big conspiracy guy - but I don't think we have ever been closer to having a President who may refuse to leave office than right now.

He is going to impose his will.  You and I are his domestic enemies.  He can not permit us to remain on the field.  You should be perpetually on Cooper Orange, ready to go to Cooper Red in a heartbeat.  Maintaining that level of readiness will be hard for 2 years.  Not maintaining that level may result in your death.  You should be heading to whatever AO you intend to weather the storm and defend yourself.  You should be cramming-in as much training as you can get.  You should be laying in as many supplies as you are able.

Tempus fugit - and time is up...

We shall see how average Americans react, when III Patriots are forced to defend ourselves.



  1. This guy always double downs when dealt a setback. Ebola, Enterovirus, illegal aliens, rogue EPA, etc: all compliments of the white house.

    Recall W fired Rumsfeld after the 2006 midterm because of a large Dem win. He saw that election as a message to him and his policies and adjusted to the people.

  2. Two years?? IMO two months will be a gift, and don't count on gifts.

    And if they decide to get tough in CT, and FREEFOR abandons that one, then two weeks might be enough. Whatever happened to Marvin Louis Guy anyway? Did they rescind the Castle Doctrine?


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