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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Here's the piece.

If you are not seething - you are either not paying attention, or you no longer have the Right to call yourself an American.

Rightful Liberty, first.



  1. Since I live just outside Cleveland,I'll start with that one.
    The CPD officer who murdered Tamir Rice,just drove up,and blew the kid away-how the fuck can anyone "comply" within 2 seconds?
    You're right,Ohio is an open carry state,however,a 12 year old is not allowed to possess a handgun. That's besides the point though-as the cop who murdered that kid should have never been on ANY police force.
    He had worked for a suburban PD,in Independence,Ohio,and had what was described as "an emotional meltdown" at training event at a shooting range.
    Why was this asswipe allowed to join another force after Independence PD wisely shitcanned his useless ass?
    Why do all those who support the jack boots in the Eric Garner case-not comprehend that they are next in line for similar treatment?
    Mr. Garner had paid for the pack of smokes he was selling single smokes from. The city of New York,and the policies of Bloomberg and DeBlasio had created a market for a LEGAL product,the taxes on which Mr. Garner had ALREADY paid when he purchased the pack of smokes.
    How the hell is selling part of the product he had legally purchased and paid taxes on a crime?
    The same people were on the side of the cops in Ferguson-maybe Mike Brown was guilty-maybe he was a being thug-no one really knows.
    No one in their right mind should have supported the initial police response-no one.
    The problem-across the board-whether a person is to the left or to the right IS the police state,and the "just comply" no mater what "advice" of the state sanctioned gang that is the police in this country.

  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-27/supreme-court-rules-police-can-violate-4th-amendment-if-they-are-ignorant-law

    Fuck obamo

  3. If you really want to get your blood up check out all of the so called Patriot sites that are loving them some cops right now...Its sickening to see how well the elite are playing them...You would think they would have a little more sense than the FSA but I digress it seems they don't...Its all a show and they(elite) will dance their puppets and the people will be fooled and give a resounding applause...

    1. I noticed that one too.

      Here's one that should have everyone pissed off,but since it ain't a white guy being executed by the stormtroopers-no one has said shit about it.


    2. You need to think about getting out of Cleveland and moving somewhere that is more favorable for liberty...I take it your a construction contractor which makes you a shoe in for a job here in Montana...You need to seriously consider it my man...


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