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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh, lookie here...

As expected, the title changed.  I told you it was likely, here.

Why does any of this matter?

Because RevWarIII has begun, and you need to be hyper-vigilant of who you let inside your wire,  inside your head, even to the point of who you waste time reading online.

IFF: Identify Friend or Foe.

Identify EVERYONE with whom you are dealing, even if only passively reading some asshats blog, and if they are Foe to Rightful Liberty, excise them from inside your wire.  Why?  One example: A Copsucker or Statist posts on his blog, and you visit/read.  His stats improve, which means his revenue improves - revenue he uses to further his agenda against you and your values.  You should cut out the middleman and just slit your own throat.  That's just one example.

Lions run with lions.  They do not adopt Hyenas into the Pride.

Be a fucking lion.



  1. K,

    You gave me this advice personally about a month ago and I used it to IFF someone I had known for 13+ years. Needless to say, this individual is not welcome anywhere near me and is an enemy of Liberty. So, thanks for the advice.


  2. The enemy (enemies...) are insidious, inventive, and industrious. Think: chameleon. As Tone points out, it can be someone you've known quite some time. Hell, it could be a member of your own family. Who better to get into that chink in your armor? As we approach "loud", discretion and caution are not optional, they are mandatory. Be like Grandpa, a quiet and unassuming exterior, covering over a coiled steel spring on the inside. A coil of razor wire spring. With a bad disposition. And firearms. stormfriend


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