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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sheriff Buford T. Justice: Shoot that sumbitch in the face...

OK - it wasn't really Sheriff Justice who said what is in the title.  He did at one point promise to go home and "...punch your momma right in the mouth...", because Junior obviously wasn't his kid, but that's another feel-good story for another time.

Someone recently made the rhetorical observation:

Walk right up and shoot your target in the face.

Then leave.

Some of this stuff is just not that complex.

This was well before recent events involving NYPD, and made no reference and had no bearing to that future event - except to prove the point.  And don't give me any yadda-yadda about the shooter getting got - he intended to die that day, not E&E and live.

But I will repeat, and fuck anyone who needlessly insists on making X more complicated than it needs to be...

Walk right up and shoot your target in the face.

Then leave.

Some of this stuff is just not that complex.

End of fucking lesson.  And if you can't do proper Intel and related work to determine when and how to walk up to you target - you know, some East German Stasi-type fucker - and shoot that motherfucker in the face, then walk away clean - you are behaving as a blunt instrument.  There is a time and a place for a one-way mission.  But in reality, they are few and rarely necessary - even if you are working solo.  Training?  Well, just how the fuck do you think you get good enough to walk away clean?

I'm adding a few more polls on the right to drill-down a bit.


Merry f'n Christmas


  1. I bet most of us remember the psychology test where a gun man enters a college class and points a hand gun at the students then leaves. The instructor then has all the students write a description of the gun man. Not one description was accurate. Adrenaline and fear, leave people in shock and they are useless as witnesses. Only cameras are potential witnesses to any act. Know your AO.

    1. And don't forget variations on this theme. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2153346/Black-armed-robber-disguised-white-man-using-latex-mask.html

      Heck, put a big, honkin' bandaid on the end of your nose or an eyepatch - the only chance is cameras...

  2. An even better strategy is to wait for your target to walk past you and then shoot him in the back of the head.


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