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Friday, January 2, 2015

Sparks31: The One Time Pad (OTP)

Sparks31 has written an excellent piece I am calling OTP 101.

As a communications method, the OTP simply can not be broken by anyone.  It can be compromised if your security or tradecraft is sloppy - but when used properly, it is unbeatable.

It is 2015 now, but I contend the calendar doesn't mean much, nor will it for a while.  America is at war.  In my lifetime this culture and ideological war inside our borders has been little more than grumbling, shouting, pushing, shoving, lawfare and the occasional bomb from idiots like the Dorns. 

But in recent months it has been escalating along ideological lines, camouflaged in thin veils called racism, social justice, et cetera.  LEO are beginning to be hunted.  The spin is seeking to make recent attacks on LEO to be race or otherwise motivated, when the reality is obvious: It is an ideological fight between people who mean to be Masters and people who mean to be free and at Liberty, especially from the Master's Praetorian.  The rhetoric is dropping pretense at a quick pace. 

This is the era of "Dropped Optics" as I predicted we would see from the 2014 mid-terms, until one side or the other in this Liberty versus Tyranny ideological war is won, by one side or the other.  I have never bothered with diplomatic nice-speak when writing on this blog.  The reason is simple: The ideological Enemies of Liberty will never, ever be persuaded to cease seeking to bind us in chains by simply using our words.  They will need a backfist.  I simply can't be bothered to play nice with a man who wants me to bend knee.

F That, sideways.

Nor can I be bothered by those stuck in Normalcy Bias loops.  Reality will fix that, not me. 

The coming 6-9 months will be very busy for the Kerodins, the various III projects we have been proud to help you build, our work in Idaho.  I know many of you intend to come to the new Studio and train.  I know many of you are interested in coming to train on the mountain.  (Announcement on the specifics of that topic will be coming when appropriate, and it relates to far more than Combatives/CQB).  I fully expect to travel and train a few groups and Tribes in their respective AOs in 2015 - but not many - so if you want to get me on your schedule, do it quickly once I announce I am ready to fill my dance card.

Why mention these things in a post about OTPs written by Sparks31?

Because RevWarIII, or call it Civil War II, is just ramping up.  These are the good ol' days.  We will likely have years of deterioration, destruction, hardship, limited quality-of-life items, and fighting in the polygonal battlespace.

At some point the Kerodins will go silent in public, and it will probably happen without notice.  I do not expect that to happen during the next calendar year - but the Enemies of Liberty have more control over that topic than do I.

When we go publicly silent, I will make it possible for a trusted few of you to make contact.  The ONLY method of contact in which I will engage will be face-to-face, radio, and OTPs.  Obviously, the more sensitive and dangerous the content of any contact will determine how we communicate.  Obviously, if we have not met and had the opportunity to take measure of one another, I probably won't be willing to meet after everything goes hot.

So, my friends: Learn to use the OTP.  The only way I will ever exchange OTPs is face-to-face - so plan on making that happen.  Learn CW/Morse, because in many, many cases, the only contact I will permit is radio, and using words on a radio in a hostile world for us relative amateurs simply will not be prudent in most cases.  Meeting face-to-face in hostile conditions - the only way I will share IFF with my trusted allies will be, you guessed it, face-to-face.

So, whether you come to my AO for training and meeting to build trust, or I come to your AO to train and break bread, or you are a III Society Member who I have met and measured (as you do the same) at a III Society event, when I go dark, you will probably not hear my name again until my Obit is broadcast by Enemy media.

Nor is the OTP simply for communicating with distant allies.  It is useful among your Team(s), your Agent(s), your Intel network.

Please go to Sparks31's site, read and practice the OTP method he has graciously shared.  Make hard copies.  Put it on thumb drives and share with your allies (the methodology, NOT your actual OTPs).  Instead of a Scrabble night or a beer night shooting 9-ball, get your Team together and practice, practice, practice.

Sides have been chosen by most people who will be first on the Greens across America.

If you know who won the Super Bowl before you can build and use a OTP in the methodology Sparks presents - you simply are not serious about RevWarIII.

Here is the link to Sparks.



  1. Excellent article on OTP.

    Our small trusted group uses the OTP and I have developed a numbered dictionary containing about 3,000 numbered entries. These entries make up the public "key".

    I have not found a numbered dictionary on the internet, or anywhere else except the one I developed.

    We use 1-26 for the alphabet and 27 through 36 for the numbers 1 through 0. There are then words and phrases listed alphabetically and each is numbered. For example, number 301 is 'abandon'. number 1848 is 'yesterday' and so on. There are about 3,000 entries and this is all published as a public key. It doesn't matter who has the public key as the OTP cannot be broken unless one has the private key, or that is, the OTP of random numbers, which is always kept secure and the single page of random numbers destroyed immediately by both parties after use.

    Someday I'll publish this "public key" of numbered words, sentences and, phrases.

    During WW1 the armies had public keys of phrases, mostly of a military nature. They sent their encrypted message by pigeon. I'm sure, today, spooks have public keys as well; they just haven't made them public.

    Too bad we can't figure a way to meet face to face. I'd give you a copy. On the other hand, it doesn't take long to make your own public key of numbered words, phrases, etc.

    Semper Fi

  2. I prefer using a couple of identical books for OTP. Page, paragraph, sentence (or line) numbers. Word and letter after that.

    easy to change, and your SOP can change literally every time you sens/recieve and you'll never run out of pages .... and you have it (or them) in your library and no one but you and your partner knows the order of use or even what book.

    Still a OTP, but easier to use and easier to HIDE in plain sight.

  3. Hopefully you will be at the Arms Expo in Central/Eastern WA this June. Your training would be very beneficial and well received.

  4. Kerodin, I have discussed the OTP in some detail on my website. Included is a link whereby one may download my numbered dictionary. It is in pdf form and 4 pages at a time are then printed on each page when using the print pdf format. First choose the odd numbered pages to print and then the papers are turned over and the even numbered pages are printed on the reverse. One ends up with the pages numbered in order and the work is ready for a simple binding after the pages are arranged in proper order. The dictionary is large so best to find an economical print system. The One Time Page may be accessed at:
    Replace the DOT with a .
    Scroll to a menu at the bottom of the page and click on "One Time Page".
    Semper Fi


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