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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric Part I

The image above popped-up at WRSA this morning, and is ideally appropriate for a discussion about Symbols, Rhetoric and the effects thereof.

Let's begin by identifying an assortment of symbols currently part of the polygonal battlespace, and your gut reaction to them.

Gadsden flag
Stars & Stripes flag
The word 'Forward'
* Add your own

Also in comments, feel free to add symbols and rhetoric you identify as part of the battlespace currently.  There are many.  Let's focus on the big ones.

Real quick - my gut on the Symbols & Rhetoric above:

AK - Commie
AR - American
1911 - the ultimate symbol of American Liberty - much as was the SA Colt in the 1800s
Gadsden flag - Excellent symbol, though causes kneejerk reactions in our enemies and insufficiently defines our intent
Stars & Stripes flag - Excellent symbol for Liberty
The word 'Forward' - Good word, but co-opted by the Left and now tainted for our use
Resist: A good word for the 'background', as it were - an undercurrent.  Even suitable, perhaps, as a slogan.

I usually don't encourage a lot of comment activity, but I invite everyone to weigh-in on this one.  The results will shape my path forward.



  1. I think this is a valuable exercise. I believe it is important to look at a lot of "loaded" words out there and critically define them for ourselves rather than just having some Pavlovian response that gets our hackles up.

  2. AK- effective and numerous
    AR- versatile
    1911- basic equipment
    Gadsden flag- empty threat, but still gives anti-liberty bigots "the vapors", so there's that.
    Stars & Stripes flag- co-opted by fans of The State/Empire to the point of uselessness as a symbol of Rightful Liberty.
    The word 'Forward'- Silly drivel.
    Resist- Good idea. Along with "ignore", and "fail to comply".

    I would also add:
    Constitution- made the fatal error of establishing a State, with no penalty clause. Created through the betrayal of those who were only empowered to tweak the Articles of Confederation, and violated by the feds to the point that its only use now is to point out the illegality of the entire government. And, I didn't sign it, never agreed to be ruled by it, so it wouldn't have bound me even if the feds hadn't already tossed it aside.

    1. "The word 'Forward'- Silly drivel."

      We finally disagree. I think it's almost everything, in the sense of "build." Nearly everyone's looking backwards, busy assigning blame. Big mistake IMO.

      OTOH I didn't know it was "co-opted by the Left." If that's accurate, then I agree it could be tainted "Progress" was a good thing too, until Progressives came along.

      OTOOH I'm not sure why assholes using words the way they do, should stop good people from using them as they would. I think it's nearly always a mistake to let the other guy set the stage.

  3. Constitution - illegal beginning of tyranny in America. I agree with it as originally written but the fact remains they were supposed to edit the articles of confederation and Rhode Island was not there so legally they couldn't. Technically they operated illegally under the constitution for a year until they extorted Rhode Island into signing it because they were going to pass a bill that financially destroy them. As much as I support the constitution it seems hard to bring freedom back by using a document that itself was not legitimate until extortion was used.

    1. Yeah - no.

      I can't give any weight to this argument, because the historical record is clear. The mandate for the convention was to amend the AoC. They did, including the title. Then they sent it to the legislatures and people in each state, and it was ratified according to the rules set in place prior to the convention. There were not hundreds of men in on an elaborate, multi-generational conspiracy to impose tyranny long after they were all dead.

      Occam's Razor is where the answer lies. The people of the time acted - primarily - in good faith. There were people in that time and after who sought to abuse the process and intent for personal gain - and they did. We have today the result of many generations of abuse of the original intent, simply because Americans failed to cull the herd of abusers in every generation.

      I think the Constitution, as a symbol, is the touchstone. Even our worst Enemies of Liberty today use the Constitution for their "authority" to do what they want to do. The average American has a deeply-rooted attachment to the documents, even if they are pig-shit ignorant of the intent. Therefore, any rational discourse will be dependent on establishing the moral authority to return to Liberty through the Constitution - even if people secede from it later.

      First waypoint: Restoration to original intent, as ratified, pre-Marbury.

      Second waypoint: Thinking men may decide if they wish to remain allied to the USC/DoI/BoR.

      As a symbol I think the Constitution is a sine qua non.

    2. "Then they sent it to the legislatures and people in each state, and it was ratified according to the rules set in place prior to the convention."

      Problem is, by that argument you should be satisfied with the way things are now. As it is with every statist tyranny, it's always "according to the rules."

      I'm pretty sure it's the PRINCIPLES which are the sine qua non.

    3. To K: thank you for putting it best in words. Original Intent and pre-Marbury are an excellent and elegantly simple start.

      I would strive to also include absolute term limits to all branches, including judicial. No more possibility of a subhuman leaving a woman to drown in a creek, then parlaying his name and influence into a senate fiefdom that spans 4 decades. and easier recall processes that would close the time gap between their actions and the consequences of the same.

      I would strive to enact easier recall methodologies so that - instead of the current climate where an elected official has run of the road until his next reelection 2, 4 or 6 years hence, they would held to account quickly and decisively for unconstitutional actions or acts of tyranny (but I repeat myself).

      I would demand that our Second Amendment be explicitly and simply worded so that these leftist tyrants can no longer word play them.

      "Every citizen has the right to bear arms in defense of himself, his property, in defense of the state, and finally in defense against the state should it become an instrument of tyranny. This absolute right shall not be infringed upon in any manner."

      To Jim Klein: with respect, sir, I believe you have fallen prey to fallacy. The forming of the Constitution did not cause the shredding of it that we've seen these past decades. "Post Hoc ergo Propter Hoc".

      The fault lines are found within Men - we are flawed creatures, whose general history can be stamped by one pervasive image - the boot of one pressed upon the neck of another.

      Save for one precious experiment which broke that bond - our Declaration of Independence, our Revolution, our Constitution & Bill of Rights.

      Whether Liberty still shines depends upon us, and we must not just be eternally vigilant, but must also fight in areas that we have forgotten how to, or ceded the battlefield to the other side on. Our culture, our social policies, our education system, our worldview - these critical areas have been infested by the enemies of Liberty for generations now.

      It won't be an easy fight, and the outcome is not certain - but do we have a choice? Not really, not unless we decide to live in shadow, with no liberty, no striving for the light.

      Could we ever look our children in the eyes if we chose such darkness?

      We know the answer to that, and our path is clear.

      In Freedom,


    4. Great stuff, JG; I'll bet you're only a grouch with some people! Excellent point about the propter hoc fallacy, but it doesn't really address the issue. Fact is, it's always about the money and was then too. But sure, it's the people and not the parchment.

      The real question is, "So what do you propose to do about it?" It nearly drives K crazy AFAICT. As it should, since it's such a tough question.

      Plus, it's still the fact of the matter that the USofA was founded in 1781 and not 1789 and the Constitution WAS a giant snooker. That doesn't make it bad or anything--propter hoc fallacy--but neither does it make it good. I find it a bit troublesome that so many Constitutionalists won't even admit how it came to be and why, which is quite a separate issue from whether it's good or bad.

      BTW, many State Constitutions already word the right to bear arms nearly exactly as you did, and for that matter the US Constitution already "guarantees" that this right shall not be infringed...with no qualifications or conditions.

      So yeah, I guess you're right that it's about the individuals. We both know that this can't be changed with any piece of paper. Hence I believe it folly to act as if it might.

    5. to JK: tx for the reply - it's good to see that the spirit of the Anti-Federalists burns brightly today as in the olden time. Like them, you take exception with the Constitution - they cited the expansion of power to the central government as being a great danger, and the historical examples you give shout QED very clearly to that affect.

      Ben Franklin was known to have responded (to whether we had a Republic or Monarchy...), "A Republic ma'am; if you can keep it."

      And here we are today, living out Franklin's what-if...

      For my part, I believe the times to be more dangerous now than at the founding. Then, those willing to be subservient would have been happy with a King. Now, they openly applaud and work for outright tyranny.

      I see your strong point on the Constitution, and accept it though I do not agree. My disagreement is not based on points of argument; it is your belief and that suffices for me. I have sworn the oath to support and defend the Constitution (retired vet) - because I love my country as you do.

      From where I'm standing, there's no daylight of difference between you and I on the thing that matters: Liberty.

      I'll be monitoring this blog for future postings, and look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the challenges we have today and how we can take them on.


    6. Yeah, we agree. It's all about Rightful Liberty and the Founders founding principle---that a government can have any "just power" only by the CONSENT of the governed.

      Lemme give you a tip about oaths though, cuz it's something about which I'm only too familiar.. An oath is not some out-of-context absolute. You swore an oath because you swore to the PRINCIPLES to which you were committed. You DID NOT swear an oath to any particular group of people, nor especially any particular government. You said you swear to "defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic" and nobody can create an obligation within you to defend either thugs nor looters who merely claim that they are the Constitution incarnate.

      Your oath was to what you meant, and what you meant, I'm confident, is Rightful Liberty.

  4. AK -Commies! But, I'd have one just because it might come in handy.

    AR -Murica! Very familiar with it, would like to have one, but can't afford it.

    1911 -Murica! Old and cool, but prefer more modern designs in most cases.

    Gadsden flag -says, "Fuck You. Leave me alone or risk getting jacked up."

    Stars & Stripes flag -anymore...makes me sad for what once was...

    The word 'Forward' -commies, libtards, O'Vomit

    Resist -sticking one's thumb in the eye of statist/libtards/commies in any way one can.

    1. "The word 'Forward' -commies, libtards, O'Vomit"

      Damn man, give a guy a break. This must be what it's like to be born black...suffer for the ills of others.

      I knew those assholes at MSNBC used it, but is it really as bad as you say? Maybe I need to get out more.

    2. I agree with Zoomie on most of his list, which kinda scares me - Zoomie's a little off in the head ;). I think the 1911, as a symbol, stands for America's sidearm. There are modern designs that I agree are better, but symbolically? American.

  5. You don't have to post this but I have also recently considered this element.
    I am a 'member' at AR15.com and a recent posting on their General Discussion' (GD) board had a long series of pictures submitted by members. Striking and emotion rendering. I think that pictures presented in the right way strikes a visceral note with people and is/can be a powerful tool (read propaganda?) tool to elicit a response from people regardless of their political or emotional persuasion. There is some remarkable stuff out there ...............

  6. Stars & Stripes flag

    I would prefer the Betsy Ross.

    1. No way Brock, I would have never thunk it, lol. Sorry, I just had to give you a bad time, you know I love ya. ;-)

    2. Exactly what I thought. The original has only been corrupted. Ask people what the difference between those two symbols represent to see who is on our side.

    3. Agreed. Give me the Betsy Ross, or the "Spirit of '76" over the present S&S any day.

      AK - still kinda says commie to me, though I own one and find it suitable for many tasks.
      AR - 'Murikan. Well made for the most part. A bit under-powered for my taste.
      1911 - American Genius and Determination at it's Zenith. Reduces an aggressor to a goodly sized mess, most rickity tick.
      The fair Gadsden - lots of baggage on her at this point, but the original symbol is good, and clear - Leave me be, or I'll deal with you definitively. I consider the Gadsden a keeper.

      "Forward" - commie-speak for "submit". Since the commie dictionary is irrelevant to me, I continue to use the word as I always have, though perhaps a bit less frequently; i.e. "move forward *through* the objective, then circle back to mop it up".

      RESIST - the duty of every man who isn't a wriggling statist worm. And every darned one of us should be resisting with ever bit of the fiber we were Created with: with words, and in prose and in song; with the reduction in quantity and quality of our labor (if we work for the state or a supplier of the state), and in every other way in which the anti-Bolshevik Russians, Poles, and Norwegians, the anti-Nazi Germans, and freedom fighters throughout the world have "resisted" in every other struggle against statism throughout all of history. God did not create all of us as soldiers, nor should everyone be expected to bear such a duty; but He certainly did give each of us the ability to RESIST, and the duty to apply such resistance, when and where necessary. Those who refuse to resist the state when called upon, don't deserve a marker upon their graves, IMHO.

      Guess I'll end on that note, as there are many, many fine comments here already. Warmest greetings and thanks to all!

  7. I'm for a symbol/flag with the appropriate historical significance. For me it's the "Come and Take It" flag.


  8. I think the III Spear symbol needs to be used more,so it's more prominent/recognized by more people.
    A-K = Commie "revolutions"
    A-R = superior American firepower.
    1911 = old school American.
    Gadsden flag = don't fuck with me
    stars and stripes- I'm with Brock Townsend,go back to old,original version of flag-when we actually had freedoms and rights.

  9. M1 Garand when it absolutely, positively needs a rifleman.

  10. AK, AR, 1911 - (very good, tested) tools; each a means to an end..
    I own a 3x5 Gadsden
    I'm still moved by the Stars & Stripes in the right setting - even a graveside marking. hold the golden fringe though - not interested in admiralty
    "forward" is a command given by the leader of any size of combat team when it's time to move on an objective... completely usurped by the progressives yet will become apropos for our use one day very soon
    Resist - our attitude, our behavior, our thoughts, plans and actions... if nothing else, our battle cry
    DoI, USC, BoL - touchstones all
    III - effect of causation... check to be countered by check and mate... the final moves of the Game simply haven't been played out yet

    One of my own:
    Molon Labe - simply understood as heart-depth resolve

    1. A flag with the golden fringe is meant for indoors use.

      Dee Jay

  11. AK - also used against commies
    AR - nuff said
    1911 - tried and true
    Gadsden flag - appropriate, but I agree with gamegetter, the spear is also a good symbol
    Stars & Stripes flag - to me, the flag designed by Francis Hopkinson is also a good design, ymmv
    Forward - I'll go with K on this one
    Resist - Zoomie said it
    *USC/BoR/DoI - the Foundation
    *III - intelligent adults who understand shit will get real and are planning for it without wanting it

  12. The Power & Danger of Iconography

    Although the video is based on political ideology, the point is well made.

  13. AK - Insurgent
    AR - Patriot
    1911 - Saint J.M. Browning
    Gadsden flag - Marginalized
    Stars & Stripes flag - Still makes me proud
    The word 'Forward' - Advance, move out, Battle Drill 1(A) (Let's take this one back!)
    Resist - By any means necessary/available
    * USC/BoR/DoI - I've taken the oath several times. Still mean it.
    * III - Spreading
    * Add your own
    Red Star/Crescent/Sickle - The "Left"
    Rainbow - God must weep every time he sees it on a flag now
    Eagle - America

    1. with regard to the "RAINBOW" - as used today, it s a complete perversion of it's intended use... without a lengthy sermon it was, and still is, intended by God as a demonstration of His promise to never destroy the world with floodwaters ever again,.. the public explanation is a representation of unity in diversity... i personally believe that the rainbow was intentionally hijacked because of it's intended representation and used to give it's users self-validation and project the false view of Divine protection.... hence the cry, "God made me this way."


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