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Friday, January 23, 2015

Terror as Tactic

For terrorism is simply a tactic, and arguably the most effective tactic of the national liberation movements of the 20th century.


We have no religion; we have an ideology — secular democracy. But the Muslim world rejects secularism and will use democracy to free itself of us and establish regimes that please Allah.

In the struggle between democracy and Allah, we are children of a lesser God. “The term ‘democracy,'” wrote Eliot, “does not contain enough positive content to stand alone against the forces that you dislike — it can easily be transformed by them. If you will not have God … you should pay your respects to Hitler or Stalin.”

Germany used democracy to bring Hitler to power. Given free elections from Morocco to Mindanao, what kind of regimes would rise to power? Would not the Quran become the basis of law?

More PJB brilliance and common sense.

Remember: Terror is nothing but a tool, a tactic.  And Islam, while sincere within its ranks, is merely a tool being wielded by our Fifth Column Enemies of Liberty.  On its own, Islam could never conquer Liberty.  It will be discarded and returned to insignificance once those who would be our masters have reached their goals.  Be aware of the dangers of Islam (like a fire), but never forget it is our True Enemies who are the real threat.

Here's the full PJB piece.


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