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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Your Team

One of the polls at right reveals something interesting.  Just over 1/3 of you answered that you could be on the X in an hour with one serious and trusted ally.  Another 1/3 answered that you'd have 2 people with you - making a three-man team.  While all the usual disclaimers apply about blog polls, and the number of respondents is lower than the minimum 100 I prefer, the percentage trend lines are pretty solid.

Most of you can't (or have chosen not to) hit the Green in an hour with a four-man team.

Max, Mosby and most other trainers train the two-man Buddy Team, merging into four-man Fire Teams, and so on.

For those of you who can only muster 1 or 2 serious allies, do you train regularly in two-man and three-man team tactics?  Do you work on your larger team dynamics in any way to allow for adding new allies in the heat and chaos of an emergency?

In another discussion direction - why do you think you are having such difficulty adding members?  Is it the "oh, you are militia whack-a-doos" paradigm getting in the way?

If you choose to weigh-in on the latter, keep your answers focused on your specific AO versus a broad brush national supposition.


Sorry for any typos or format issues - I'm using a new tablet to post while traveling.


  1. My state has at least 3 different militia groups that I know of, there's infighting, poaching members, causing drama etc going on.
    Then people join, are active for a while (few months) and then they disappear, I have no clue how to keep people involved.
    Or people have no car, no money for gear, no rifle but they want to join, so they wouldn't be up to getting to the X, they can't even make it to training.

  2. I live in an area where people simply refuse to think and/or act outside of their learned ways... that's why a susan collins and an olympia snowe can get re-elected for 20+ yrs despite the lack of real representation; the same people elected an obviously self-centric former state-level graft-governor - angus king - to the senate to replace snowe... the mentality stated is: "we've never done it that way before" and the resultant behavior is, we never will...there is one supposed militia here but it is headed by an attention-seeking, promise-to-do-but-never-deliver kind of man... he disses everyone not lauding him as supreme commander... i was part of a group for a short time but it became apparent that even within it, most held to varying ideas as to what our goals should be as well as the methods of accomplishing them...

    end result is that we're carving out our personal niche, developing our skills and otherwise prepping best we can as we're able...

    if there is a local "Green" event, we will put our resources and skills into the effort and when the broader "Green" dance is held, I will be there with all that i have to bring to the table - spiritually and otherwise...

    it's about III to III

  3. K, just speaking about the situation in my AO - I don't think there's a lack of belief that such teams are a necessity, and there are enough men willing to talk the talk, but my experience shows that there's a lack of commitment when it comes to follow-through. Lots of guys say that they're "fed up", that they "want to be part of the solution", but getting them to show up to train regularly is difficult; getting them to rework their budget so that they have basic field gear, a suitable rifle, and at least a thousand rounds of business ammo is even more difficult; and trying to get them to go to outside training, to get them to the level of skill and experience where they can lead a squad of their own is even more challenging. But the flip side of this challenge is that we are given the opportunity to learn who has the staying-power to endure a long and drawn out battle of lawfare with sporadic outbursts of low intensity warfare - sound evidence of that resilient patience which a few will recognize as the sheath which conceals the most highly tempered steel the world has ever known...

    ~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death!

    1. That was a great SITREP at the end IMO. Or, there's always Nixon's approach...just declare victory and go home. Live free. After all, the whole basis is that we're free in the first place, so why not live like it?

      Yeah, I know...easier said than done. Did sorta work for Nixon though, in that context.

  4. If no one is in your AO that you can count on wouldn't it be wise to move to a new AO...We have so many Patriots out there that are alone and surrounded by the enemy but will not move to save their life...I have talked til I'm blue in the face about banding together and nobody listens...I have even made the offer of moving to their AO if they could list the reasons why its better than where I'm at and not a soul has took me up on it...I just don't think it has gotten bad enough for people to do anything more than bitch online about it...

    1. "I just don't think it has gotten bad enough for people to do anything more than bitch online about it..."

      If you think about it carefully, especially in an historical context over the last century, I believe you'll discover that that can't possibly be the explanation. You know damn well that there's no line from which those types won't back up. FWIW sometimes I prefer not to see that too!

      'Course if we think about it enough, we might realize that it doesn't matter anyway. They are as they are and so on. Forward anyway, If you're not gonna let an enemy put you down, no reason to let an ally do it.

      "Ally," haha. How'd you liike to be in my spot?

    2. You weren't forced into your spot Jim you chose it willingly so no I wouldn't like to be in your spot because I wouldn't have chose the way you go about interacting with people...That's what makes us individuals though we each get to choose how we interact with those around us...To answer your thoughts on the matter before us I think when it gets to bad people will either move, fight, or die and that's all there is to it...I'm not putting anyone one down I'm trying to wake them up...I suppose you will see something wrong with as well...I wonder what your goal here on the blogosphere is Jim...You say its to check your premises but I wonder do you have to piss off a certain amount of people before your premise is checked or does that just come natural to you...I don't like being berated for the way I say something and I doubt any Patriot does either...You need a little more tact in your life Jim unless you really just are on here to piss people off...I don't think that is your intent though Brother and just wish you had a PR person so you wouldn't come across so abrasive... Take Care Man...

    3. When things go bad Jim Klein has an ally real-close by. I have him covered. Lineman, is there any places around you for around 150-200k? I had a place in NW MT years ago and may get back out that way. If I sell this place I'm at, I can go much higher. I have a place in FL but my gut tells me that's gonna be a hell hole when the shtf. last ditch is to jump on a boat and leave the country, but honestly, I kinda would like to get some payback on the fookers who have destroyed what we have all worked to build. Besides, I was trained for this shit.

      11B2 ASI-C2-2B-P SQI-H 3/187th 101st

    4. Tons of places around here A team for that price...I got my place on 5 acres for 3b/3b, a nice shop, and a 1 bed cabin and had a lot of stuff that came with it for all under 300k

    5. Wow, that was a lot; thanks, lineman. Hey, I wasn't complaining. Of course I wasn't forced into it---THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!! Nobody is forced to be who they are; they just like to pretend they are, as if it'll remove the responsibility.

      It's finally being understood, slowly, that NOTHING removes the responsibility. This isn't the time to delve into it, but you find it "sad," to be driven by the ego. It's not you; it's everyone. THAT'S why they turn themselves into sheeple, and that's why so many are so concerned about what everyone else thinks---each and every one pretending that there's some Greater Good, when in reality all they're doing is making choices for their own lives. I find that splendid at least, maybe glorious. And I find it tragically sad that people find it sad.

      Rightful Liberty only says make those damn choices however you wish, and live with the consequences, or die with them. And let the next guy do the same. All this worry about all the thugs is just a trick to make everyone believe it can't be done. Well it can. "Live free or die," means you live free your whole life. Just gotta have the commitment, that's all.

      Still, cover never hurt, so thanks Rakkasan! That was very kind. I'm senile and busy looking forward; I'm glad there's someone looking in back.

    6. 300K? You can buy whole towns around here for that!

    7. I'm thinking a 10 acre parcel of defensible land, and then build a small log home on it. They have those kits ready to assemble. I know the Sanders CO area. You anywhere near that AO?


    8. Sheesh, and you're smack dab in the middle of the country's largest supply of 10 acre defensible parcels.

      Just a little more to defend against, that's all!

    9. A-Team I am in SW MT...If you want to talk more about it tell K to shoot me your email...Klein there is a reason why where your at 300k will get you a lot...Supply and Demand...Free market and all that...

    10. Jim. We're in enemy occupied territory. Look around you dude. The state is BLUE. Whether you understand it or not, these creatures love to worship the state. Even the RED areas are incredibly dumbed down. I've been here for 10 years and have yet to meet anyone who not only sees thru all the bullshit, but will take active measures to fight it. Same way in the cities here, Michigan is a lost cause. It cannot be saved nor does it want to be saved.

    11. "It," ha. I know what you're saying---"more to defend against!" That's right and I agree that less to defend against is better. Hey, you don't see any anchors around me.

      But you're grossly overstating how great it is elsewhere. Tyranny's not just east of the Mississippi; it's everywhere and unless it gets stopped, it WILL be everywhere, like literally. That's the nature of Tyranny and you know it.

      Really, my point is that if you look at the PHYSICAL things that make Wyoming or Montana or a lot of places "better" in this context, we've got them right here. Plus water, very possibly a key asset in the future.

      You keep overestimating the do-nothings IMO. Do-nothings do nothing, duh.

    12. Well I would beg to differ Jim...You don't have mountains as a barrier to start with...We have plenty of water as well...You have a way higher population ratio and those do nothings will kill you when they are starving and you have something they want...Do me a favor a look up where your state stands on its survival rating if things go south...You ever lived out here Jim...I have lived back there and there is no comparison to there and here...People here would give their shirt off their back if you needed help people there would try and take yours...

    13. It's a tough call. Yours are all good points, and they basically come down to people. Lot fewer there, so much less risk...from them. Personally I don't view all nitwits as enemies, but that may prove to be my undoing yet. For all the guesses, nobody knows how it's going to go; I'm not even sure that fewer people is an advantage, depending on how it plays out.

      There's also the question of resources, especially water. Plus, just like NY, there's a BIG difference between the two halves here. To me it's mostly an urban/rural distinction, with the real distinction being those who want to earn their way and those who don't.

      I think A-Team is way too worried about moochers. They're moochers---they don't DO anything! It's the actual thugs and looters that are the problem IMO. You got your fair share; don't we all.

    14. "...and those do nothings will kill you when they are starving and you have something they want."

      Nah...I don't see that, especially in my particular case. Too rural. Unlike ATeam, I'm not surrounded by total idiots. See, that's what wealth will get you!

      I don't like guessing too much,but my guess is they'll kill each other looking for something that's not there, or more likely load orderly onto the buses heading for food and showers. After all, their defining attribute is mindlessness.

    15. Yep Jim population is a big one...Doesnt matter how rural you are you still are within a tank of gas from three urban areas with over a million people..Your forgetting something though those moochers are just looters that have the State doing their thuggery for them...You think they are just going to lay down and die when the loot stops coming in from the state...Very dangerous assumptions...Oh and I think A team isn't worried about the moochers he just wants to be around people that are kindred spirits that will watch his back while he does the same for them...

    16. I get it, but just so you can get a picture...if you drive the 325 miles from the state line to the mackinac bridge, you're halfway to the end of the state. Even most Michiganders don't know that---it's further than Casper to Missoula.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Listen guys if you ever want to come out and look this place over I will put you up and show you around...If you tell me what line of work you are in I will try and touch base with the appropriate employers and see if they need hands...Let me know...

    1. Nothing.... So I was right people just want to bitch about it...Look guys I have moved 9 times in my life to different parts of the country each time a couple times opposite ends and each time improving my situation so Im not just talking out my ass when I say we need to be moving to be amongst like minded people...It can be done and like I said I would do everything I could to help you...Now if you already have your AO set up and have a small army of like minded people by all means stay there...But if your surrounded by the enemy and you don't have anyone or just 1 or 2 people that you can count on then get the hell out of there...Why can the liberals take over whole cities but Patriots cant even get enough people together for a small community let alone a town or city...I have to give the liberals credit they do get things done and they do change things in a way that benefits them in the long run...Just think guys of the freedoms you would have in a community full of like minded Patriots who were able to work with one another freely without force...Is there any possible way of that happening...I am still holding out hope but get discouraged somedays...Take Care and the offer still stands...

  7. I think the militia thing is part of it-at least in NE Ohio. Took 5 years to put together 5 guys,now it's down to 4 because one moved back to Ca-of all the shitty places to move to-he was the guy with recent combat experience.
    The rest of us have either none,or it was long ago-as in either the first gulf war-or before the first gulf war.
    We train the best we can,as often as we can,everyone does PT,everyone has gear and preps-rifles and a good supply of ammo.
    Two of us are avid hunters and fishermen and have hunted and fished all over the U.S.
    Seems like when we do find a new guy-they train for a couple months-then start with excuses for why they can't make it that weekend.
    I think there are just not enough people who are willing to commit to training,buying adequate gear,stocking up on ammo,food,medical supplies,etc.
    The militia label is one thing that scares guys off,as is the prepper label.

    There are a few of groups around Ohio that have their shit together-but none of them are in NE Ohio,they are in SE Ohio.
    There are always new groups starting,but none seem to last long.

    That's just what I see around here.


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