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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


  1. root out and destroy completely.
    "the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land"
    synonyms:weed out, destroyeradicate, stamp out, root out, wipe out, eliminate,suppresscrush, put down, put an end to, get rid of
    "the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land"

I guess the word "Extripate" means something different when used by *special* people.

Beware the flippin' hypocrites - afterall, the only reason Communism doesn't work is because the "right people" haven't yet had the chance to give it a go.  Same-same with 'extirpation' - the 'right' people will do it the 'right' way.  Not like us un-papered, un-credentialed amateurs.  We'll just f*ck it up and do it wrong.

What a joke.  It's linked at Pete's place - so I won't bother dirtying my drapes...



  1. Isn't that the way it always is K...Its not a good idea or you can't implement it right unless they think of it or tell you how to do it...Mosby had a good piece about training that fits with this theme...

    1. There are simple (though strongly-held and passionate) disagreements within the community, and there are downright fucktards doing fucktard things. The above is full Fucktard.


    2. I'm a little slow on the uptake. What is fucktarded? Extirpating forced collectivism? Or announcing ones intention to do so?


  2. It's all pretty dizzying to simpletons like me, owing to lack of information, But eventually every thinking person gets a clue, about whatever he wishes to get a clue.

    Too bad there are so few thinking people. Should be enough though.

    That's why I've been saying, since before the Citadel, that the winning weapon in this War will be transparency. Then all the other weapons can be used for extirpation. Just gotta know what, or who, to extirpate...and that takes knowledge followed by choice.

    1. Transparency - I admit I struggle mightily with this one. I have found (and have the scars to prove it) that most people do not really want 'transparency' - and when it is provided, all hell breaks loose. "You're breaking up the band, Yoko!"


    2. That's why it helps not to care so much what others want! It's tough alright, and obviously tactics are excepted. But I figure everyone's transparent to the Bad Guys anyway, so why not level the field as much as possible?

      Plus there are ethical principles involved, like honesty and integrity, but admittedly those have declining value to most people these days...yet another reason not to be other-driven!

      The truth will always out eventually; why not make it by choice?

  3. Still chuckling to myself about the use in context - "the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land".
    My simpleton's question of the day - "In accordance with whose law? God's Law, or their laws?" As I recently observed elsewhere, "the root of all good law is in this single phrase - "Gods will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven", and the OT is chock full of commands to extirpate those with no inheritance, commanding the utter elimination of the children of evil, as the Israelites *took up their Rightful Inheritance of the land*.
    As such, we have two duties to which we must attend -
    1. Ensure that we ourselves are fit for the inheritance;
    2. Extirpate those who are no fit to said purpose, and refuse to make themselves so.
    Simple. But not easy, by any measure. Fail in doing #1, and #2 remains irrelevant, because it will remain beyond our reach. He will indeed judge, Who is worthy to receive all glory and honor.



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