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Thursday, February 19, 2015

III Comms: KX1 for your AO

You need a comprehensive Comms infrastructure.  I know most of you have voice comms covered.

Consider the value, under certain circumstances, of having particular members of your Tribe outfitted with radios like the Elecraft KX1.  This little radio is CW only.  It lends itself to comms duties that need to be a bit more sneaky-sneaky.

Here's the link to the gear.  Here's a link to the KX3 - a sneaky-sneaky radio with much more capability.

Think about it.  If you think something will help you and your Tribe not only survive, but prevail, and reduce the incidences of relocation, boots-on-necks, rapes and disappearings - get those widgets now, while your FRNs still have some utility beyond the outhouse.  On the day that the camel's back snaps - and it will happen suddenly, with little or no warning - your ability to use PayPal to get widgets overnighted to your house will be nil.

Don't be that guy.


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