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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Off the line of attack

Getting off the line of attack is a premise that may be applied to any conflict, regardless of scale.

Musashi & Ueshiba are eloquent and practical sources on the topic.

And Miyagi - never forget your Miyagi: Best way avoid punch - no be there...



  1. Yes, PT, yes ruck. But don't forget your Sun Tzu - The Art of War. It's a must, brothers.

    Dee Jay

  2. When choosing between taking the adversary at the valley floor or dividing your forces upon both steep valley hills... the wisdom of patience leaves behind emotion and the adversary. Here in the absence of distraction, clarity & wisdom chose to go around the enemy. Crossing at the next mountain range but like the old bear circle back around and surprise the hunter. Full of too much confidence ruled by ego, the hunter is always surprised to find he is the one that is the hunted


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