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Friday, February 20, 2015

State Department on Terrorism

You can't make this stuff up.

Here's the Twitchy piece.



  1. No twitter hashtag campaign to go with the crowdsourcing effort?

    The comments on the State Dept. blog are a riot...


  2. When obvious is obvious...
    Q: "What solutions do you think are most critical to countering violent extremism?"
    A: Deport every last stinking muslim from our country, and send 'our' politicians with them as (permanent) chaperones... good riddance to the top two leading causes of violence. The remaining few can be dealt with case by case.

    1. Eminently sensible LT, but notice that even if that were to happen, nothing relevant would change for any of us.

      Plus, let's not forget that anything can be legally classified as violent extremism. Just gotta have a vote, that's all. That "Solution" ain't for foreigners, you know. When that doesn't work, no doubt they'll have a Final Solution.

  3. Let their punishment be whatever it is which they intended to inflict upon us... and if it is any such 'final solution', more's the fitting for such a turn of events.


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