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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There's going to be a Fight. An Epic F'n Fight...

I'm only going to repeat this one time: You folks who think it is OK to require .Gov-issued ID to buy a beer or cough syrup or a rifle, and think it is OK to demand .Gov-issued ID to vote, you are the people who are making it possible for .Gov to demand internal papers and passports.

Get.  Your.  Heads.  On.  Straight.

Examine.  The.  F'n.  Premise.

Brock has the details, here.

Your Papers!

I hope you Patriots are serious about standing up - or am I just wasting my time in this public sphere?



  1. You are definitely not wasting your time, keep up the good work.

  2. Mmm... In regards to the voting thing, uh, just anybody walks up and votes with no cross check? Are we just opening it up to anybody that just happens to be passing by? Kinda what's happening now, ain't it?

    1. No - we are a smart people, there are many options better than state-issued papers. For instance, more voting precincts so that people in a neighborhood who know each other vote among themselves - rather than a polling location that serves thousands or tens-of-thousands of strangers. Another is limiting voting to property owners who can bring a deed. This whole notion of every man gets a vote is ridiculous. We simply need grown-ups who refuse to let the franchise be manipulated by politicians to take over the process.

    2. Nah...we'll just brand whomever you say can vote, or maybe can't, with an "A," and call it a day.

    3. We'll start with who may not vote - like anyone who accepts taxpayer money.

    4. I was being a little facetious K. Exactly my thoughts. The number of people qualified and able to vote should be a small percentage of the citizenry. In Boston during the 1700's only about 8% of the population was allowed to vote. The people that did were well known in the community, property owners, at least 25 years old, male, white, and had church membership. Boston rivaled many of the great cities in Europe at the time. Charleston serves as another example. We came from an 18th century era. I'm of the opinion that a little more adherence to that culture of the time would go a long way.

    5. I accept taxpayer money every month. So I don't get to vote in your new America? Do I get to be part of your group? Or am I unclean somehow?

    6. Yeah, sorry, your "who can vote" idea regarding property ownership (and Mullenax's subsequent pile-on) are not going to fly. So, you have to be landowner to vote? Propertied gentry in other words. The new American Elite, who know what is best of those who don't own property. Yeah, so you get to dictate my governance, and I get no say in the election of my representatives. Go ahead and try that, and see if you guys don't meet the business end of a sniper right off the bat. And Mullenax's arguments don't apply. That was COLONIAL BOSTON. NOT the USA, so those examples do not apply.. Not to mention thise rules enacted to limit who can vote were implemented by the Puritan colonial government in place (who considered themselves British...when landed gentry getting to rule was all the rage).. Again, elitists ensuring the unwashed common man wouldn't foul the waters of their new world. Hogwash. If you're an American citizen, you get to vote. Period. Full stop. It's not a perfect system, but it's better than any system you're currently espousing, and it DOESN'T trample on our founding documents and the Rightful Liberty you claim to follow.

    7. "If you're an American Citizen, you get to vote."

      How's that working out for us all?

      And remember, we are not voting for "Masters" - but people who will follow the letter and intent of the USC and Rightful Liberty. So - folks who don't like it, under the Rightful Liberty premise - may leave, no harm, no foul.

    8. Anon 11:00 - Under what conditions do you accept taxpayer dollars? .Mil currently serving or retired or medical/disability? Or are you accepting SS/Medicare/Medicaid - but still have not received more than you paid into the system?

      Here's the line where I draw it - YMMV: Current and retired .mil, and anyone injured in good faith during .mil service are good to go. Anyone receiving ANY taxpayer money that is less than what they personally paid-in - good to go. Some .gov contracts are OK with me. Good Faith is the standard, and not taking more than you are owed.

    9. I'm glad you clarified your original statement of "anyone who accepts..." That statement included military retirees like myself. But, to continue stirring the pot....how do we calculate "what they personally paid in"? Can't just go off payroll taxes can we? Most of us pay more in stealth taxes than we do in payroll and income taxes. I can't even fathom the ass-pain calculating what that would be for a person.

  3. It is absolutely ridiculous what some people will sell their souls for and cower their heads to not look up and realize that this war is here and now! The brain dead public will just go along with this and much more without even blinking an eye as long as their check comes in the mail or they still have their favorite television show. Freedom is dead or at most the last gasp of liberty is among us now. From the Blatant attacks on Christians to the insane acts of prejudice against Patriots I fear we are at the end of our rope and the time is closely upon all of us. I hope all have chosen a side. Die fighting Tyranny or die on your knees to a false Government that has been taking over by Communism. I and others are with you K.


  4. "Another is limiting voting to property owners who can bring a deed. This whole notion of every man gets a vote is ridiculous. We simply need grown-ups who refuse to let the franchise be manipulated by politicians to take over the process."
    BINGO. Residency prerequisite and a deed to real property. I.E. "Real skin in the game". As for those "accepting taxpayer money"... I anticipate that most of them will be extinct before I will. They have already made themselves irrelevant. Choices have consequences; for all of us.

  5. I notice the poll is now running 80-20,with the 80 supporting the Constitution,DOI and BOR.
    20% of a population that do not support the documents the country was founded on,and the intent of said documents is a hell of a lot more than a few people who do not support the DOI,Constitution and BOR.
    The million dollar question is what,exactly does that 20% support?

    The only property owners being able to vote thing-
    What about those who are busting their asses,working two shitty jobs just to keep food on the table,because their good job was given to a guy with half the education and experience due to minority hiring quotas,and the lights on?
    Or the guy who got totally fucked over by the courts in a divorce who is now living in a shitty one bedroom apt,with lawn chairs for furniture,and like the first example-is busting his ass working,but 50% of his earnings go to his ex?
    Or the guy who got fucked over by an overzealous prosecutor who jacked up the charges and between the fictional account of whatever took place that officer friendly wrote up,and the short crime novel the prosecutor turned it into and presented to the grand jury-he lost everything he had,and just got out of the federal prison system?
    They don't get to vote?
    They're the ones who got screwed the most by .gov inc. and they don't get to vote?
    That takes things right back to a ruling "elite", the only thing that changes is some new names are added to the current ruling class.

    1. It doesn't have to be property owners, or only property owners - the key is to forbid people who game the system and take handouts.

    2. Keeping the slugs out of the voting process is a good thing-anyone who is not contributing to society,and is just a leech living off of the resources and work of others should not have a vote-that I agree with.
      If the free shit army were to be removed from the rolls of registered voters,the leftists would lose well over half of their voter base,and it would lead to a huge uptick in adults making the choices during elections-as you said...

      "We simply need grown-ups who refuse to let the franchise be manipulated by politicians to take over the process."

      I agree with the idea of not allowing anyone who is living off of the labor of others a vote.
      Something else that has to be done is term limits. Being a congressman or senator was not meant to be a career,it was meant to be something one did for a few years,then they would return to their farm or business.
      Career politicians,and family political "dynasties" like Bush,Clinton,Kennedy etc. should never have been allowed to take place-and should never be allowed to happen again-that would solve many problems.

    3. Gamegetter, please remember, we're discussing *End State* here. That divorce, that conviction, that IRS issue; they will all be a decade (probably three decades) old at the point where we start reconstituting the electorate, based on the standards being discussed here.
      And a whole ton of shit will, in all probability, have gone down, interim. The community will have had plenty of chance to witness who each of us really IS when the chips are down; there will be no posers left, and I feel confident that those who deserve a vote will be made whole, regardless of any .gov abuses in their history. Further, any man who feels like he's not a good fit with his community is going to have plenty of opportunity to vote with his feet, as it were...
      Does this make sense?

  6. Funny that we are arguing about property owners when the reason they are not property owners is because of the corrupted system allowing people to vote their wealth away and not allowing them to be property owners...Think about it folks...Like Max said people aren't grasping that it will be after we win not what it is right now...Don't base your assumptions off of the rotten system we have in place now...

  7. Umm..voting? Really? I kinda think we have passed that milestone a ways back now. So let's see... how many boxes are left..ballot, soap, jury, ...


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