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Thursday, March 12, 2015

2A was the result of a settled argument more than 200 years ago...

“We have a long tradition of gun rights and gun ownership in this country. The Second Amendment has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to mean the people have the right to bear arms. There are a lot of law-abiding, responsible gun owners who use it for protection or sport. They handle their weapons properly. There are traditions of families passing down [hunting] from father to son, or daughter … and that is important; that’s part of who we are. But...


Everything before the word "but" is going to be dismissed by the speaker.

The above quote is from our President, just a few days ago.

Fundamental Transformation.

He means it.  And he is just getting warmed-up.

We have all been fairly warned.

Here's the link.



  1. 2A not needed, as we have the Natural Right.

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe Bastiat will come back from the grave to help. :)

  3. Company! By platoons, File from the right, column right!
    Fo'ard.... Harch!

    Or in other words... time to step off. There's no value to surrendering from your billet... Hague and Geneva don't apply to "internal conflicts"; and Ayers & Company have made their Ultimate Intentions for patriots and others who cannot be re-educated painfully clear.

  4. Soon, Obaabaa will get his own Enabling Act... How can a Krystalnacht and a Night of the Long knives not be far behind?

    Oh, how late it will be, when the muslims, black panthers, and communists realize that this is not THEIR revolution. They are simply being used as brownshirts, and will be disposable as soon as their mission is completed.

    How is your Chavruta coming? And with whom do you see eye-to-eye?

    Because soon, trust will be the most valuable commodity in your world.

    Food, ammo, and sanity will be fighting for second place, every minute of every day....



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