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Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't be a Winston

Never quit.  Never surrender.  Never give the bastards the satisfaction of beating your Soul.

Never leave your allies hanging alone, once you've made a commitment..

Stay the motherfucking course.

Don't be a Winston.

Here's a perspective that is on-target.



  1. THAT post was dead-on! Now I'm inspired to re-read 1984.

    But I'll add this. There are times when it is entirely appropriate for a "patriot" to self-select out of an endeavor or out of a tribe. As has been pointed out -- with punchier language than I'm willing to use here -- this is not a game! There is no room for weak, wishy-washy, watered-down versions of what passes for commitment. Can't get the job done? Can't be there for your Tribe? Can't make the hard decisions and grow a spine when the going gets tough? Stop the wringing of hands & gnashing of teeth. Climb down off that cross and go away. If a "patriot" lacks intestinal fortitude to stay the course. Step aside.and let the adults -- "Patriots" with a capital "P" go to work.

  2. Amen sister...I said the same thing to the author of the article...It seems sometimes though people are to busy to build or maintain tribe when I think building tribe should be of utmost importance...The enemies love it when we are so busy trying to make ends meet that we neglect maintaining friendships and building tribe...

  3. Wow! Ted Cruz announced his presidential candidacy
    this morning, how exciting.
    Yawn, burp, fart........
    Get right on that bandwagon you DD (dumb as dogshit) zombies.
    Pay no attention to what he is saying.
    However, be extremely attentive to what he is not saying.
    not addressing, which he should be yelling and belligerent about.
    No mention of the standing army police state occupying our
    No mention of the relentless and traitorous attacks on the Second
    No mention of the relentless and traitorous attacks on the Constitution.
    No mention of the treasonous crimes of bathhouse barry and 99.9%
    of our elected "political representatives."
    No mention of the tidal wave crisis of illegals coming from everywhere.
    No mention of immigration law still not being enforced (decade after decade).
    No mention of our southern border being more wide open than the legs of
    a pornstar.
    No mention of anything having to do with the overwhelming destruction of
    our Constitution and Republic.
    Go ahead you fucking dweebs and vote.
    Vote, vote, vote, and vote again for your continued enslavement and
    Just Do It, DD's.

  4. Let the strong lead, and let those of firm conviction follow them steadfastly; and may God guide them all toward righteousness without fail.
    For those lacking even firmness, there is a place, but certainly it is not amongst those whom God has crafted as warriors by His own hand.

    Or, in other words, "A man's got to know his limitations."


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