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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

III Comms Announcement

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CA linked to a good review, here.

There appears to be significant interest in the new TERMN-8R tactical radios among Patriots here. Getting tactical gear into your hands is a critical function of the III.  So I am going to make it happen.  AmRRON stands behind these radios, and that is one heck of an endorsement. My Tribe is adding these radios to our kits.

I have decided that I will front my own cash to get the ball rolling for everyone, and leave the III Society out of the equation, at least for now. If you have looked at the specs for the radio, you know it handles the tasks of several radios, all in one.  For the III Patriot Team on a tight budget, this radio will give you more capability for less money, and with fewer pieces of gear in your kit.  Additionally, the Frequency Hopping capability takes tactical comms and security to another level, at a price point that simply can't be beat.  We will offer the radios at $135/per - a few bucks under MSRP.  We'll ship USPS Priority Flat Rate.  When you look at the PayPal drop-down menu below, you'll notice we include shipping in the price for whatever quantity of radios you purchase - it makes things easier on our end.

I am going to place the order in one week - Monday the 30th.  That gives you a bit of time to get your orders in to us.  However, please get your order in ASAP - because with the first 100 radios ordered we will include a free III Resistor patch for your Team members.  The patch is pictured above - another of Zoomie's outstanding designs.  So, if you order 4 radios for your Team, you'll get 4 patches, one for each Team Member getting a radio.  Cohesion.  Morale.  III.

If you can afford to do it, consider buying a few for your local Militia.  Those men and women are the tip of the spear for the Liberty Movement, and they need as much support as we can give them.  So even if your Comms needs are squared away, if you can afford it, buy a few radios for other Patriots.  If you don't know who to gift the purchase to - let us know, and we'll put them into the hands of serious III Militia.  Or you can simply let me know and I will send a few in your name to Brock so he can raffle them at his PatCon, or you can designate them as raffle items for the Idaho PatCon, and we'll get them to the Planning Committee.

If you can help your fellow Patriots - this is a damned good way to help.

**NOTE**  III Society members & current IIIGear orders: If you are one of the few remaining III Society members who have had SWAG delayed, or if you have a IIIGear order pending, we will ship radios & patches at the same time.  This will help us keep shipping & handling costs a bit lower.

I am a III Patriot.  I will continue to do everything in my power to help you and your Teams be ready to put down the threats coming our way from the Enemies of Liberty.  Comms is an essential requirement for us all.  If we can't communicate, we can't win.  To this end, I will donate the slim profit margin offered by the TERMN-8R manufacturer to the III Society general fund.

III to III.  If you and I don't do it - it won't get done.

There is a PayPal purchase menu below, and I'll put one on the sidebar as well.

In Liberty,


TERMN-8R Radios


  1. So K if we get these is Sparks going to show us at the PatCon how.to wring everything out of them...

    1. I'm sure he'll be willing to give us a hand. I'm looking forward to his T&E report if/when he gats his hands on a couple.

    2. I will bring test equipment, and will do a public evaluation at the Idaho PatCon in July.

  2. Was looking at radios for a birthday present to myself and co. Glad I didn't buy anything yet. These are on the list for April first thing. Thanks for the announcement!

  3. Amazon charges $138 with free shipping
    The patch would be nice, though

    1. Yeah - the dealers can't do much with the retail price - it is fixed by the manufacturer. Amazon has the power to beat-up UPS, so they will almost always win the price war. That's why we went with the patches, it's not much, but it is a little something extra and unique.

      Also, all proceeds are being put into the III Society general fund to help finance Society projects.

  4. I'll admit I skimmed the post last time and didn't see the order date of the 30th. Any chance you will still be offering the radios for sale after Mar 30th? Would love to contribute by buying here rather than from Big Box.

    1. Yep, we'll keep them available after our first order. I just won't be able to offer the freebies, because we won't be buying replacement orders at the same volume.


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