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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

III Patriot, CUTT & Auxiliary: Shoot, Move & Communicate TO&E

Don't be this guy.

Table of Organization & Equipment.  Forget the 'O' and focus on the 'E' - Equipment.

CUTT: Civilian Unconventional Tactical Team.  (More here)

Several of us have been discussing gear standards, along the lines of Max's standardization for performance in the Rifleman Challenge.  From what we have seen, there is no Field Manual or equivalent to follow.  Most Patriots buy what they want and what they think they need, but have they covered everything in the Shoot, Move & Communicate matrix?  Have they really sat down and noodled-through what an Auxiliary will need to support their AO?  I know some of you have - and some of you have done it damned well.

So let's just jump into this topic with both feet.  What is your personal gear list - gear you consider essential, gear you consider optional that you'd really, really like to have, and then snivel/luxury gear.  Let's do this for the individual Patriot - as you step off your front porch, what does that load-out look like?  What is your gear list for your bug-out (or shelter-in) location?  What does the Auxiliary list look like for you?

This isn't an exercise in fantasyland.  Keep your contributions to what your true gear lists look like - whether you have been able to acquire all of it or not, or if you have bought an entry-level widget with plans to upgrade to something better when you can.

Let's keep this focused tightly on gear needed to satisfy the Shoot, Maneuver & Communicate mandate.  The half-ton of rice at your mountain cabin doesn't make the list.  A surgical kit at the Auxiliary HQ or your Command Post does make the list.  Your choice of pants makes the list.  If you intend to wear armor when leaving the porch - it's on the list.  If you intend to keep armor at your Safe House, put it on your Safe House list of essentials. Your compass preference makes the list.  The Comms suite you want/need at the Command Post makes the list. (Comms is more than just intra-squad radios.  If you intend to talk locally, regionally or even across the continent, what does your suite look like - even on paper if you have not yet been able to acquire everything you consider essential.)

Also include what you have (or would like to have) set aside for the new friends you will make when WRoL.  At the barest minimum a new ally will need a rifle, sidearm, knife, radio and some form of IFF, if he shows up on D-Day +1 and intends to leave the porch with you. What minimums do you have/want to be able to give him?

OBVIOUSLY - DO NOT give away any licensed/patented/trademarked/blood-oathed secret-squirrel secrets.  Do not violate your personal/operational security.  Also, let's not get into gun/caliber debates (of the .45 is better than 9mm variety) - though it is very relevant, for instance, if you intend to carry a .22 for quiet work, then it should make your list.

Let's give it a whirl...

Then we'll see what we can do as a community to help tighten-up and define guns and butter for those of us who are not completely up to speed on these matters.



  1. While this is not a complete list it is a start. While making this list it became very apparent that I am seriously lacking in a lot of areas, so it is a very good exercise to spot areas where you are weak. I have a lot of work to do.

    Main Carbine – Yugo N-PAP, 7.62x39, Vortex Red Dot
    Secondary Carbine – Windham Weaponry AR-15 MRC, 5.56x45, Redfield Counterstrike Red Dot
    Optional Future Battle Rifle – Windham Weaponry AR-10 or VEPR 7.62x51, 20” Barrel
    Main Sidearm – Springfield XD40
    Secondary Sidearm – Springfield XD9M
    Main Hunting/Sniping Rifle – Savage 111, 7.62x51, Redfield Revolution 4-12 x 40 scope
    Secondary Hunting/Sniping Rifle – Ruger M77, 300 Win Mag, 3-9 x 40 scope
    Main Defensive Shotgun – Mossberg 500 persuader 20” Barrel, 7+1 shot 12ga
    Secondary Shotgun – Mossberg 500, 18 ½” and 24” Barrels, 5+1 shot 12ga
    Small Game Rifle – Ruger 10/22, Simmons 3-9 x 32 Scope
    Small Game Pistol – Ruger Single Six, .22LR and .22Mag
    “Ally” #1 Carbine – WASR-10, 7.62x39, No Optics
    “Ally” #2 Carbine – DPMS Oracle AR-15, 5.56x45, Vortex Red Dot
    “Ally” #1 Sidearm – Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm
    “Ally” #2 Sidearm – Taurus PT101 9mm
    “Ally” Hunting/Sniping – Mauser 98, .270 Win, Fixed 4 x 40 scope
    Bow: PSE Surge, 70lb draw
    Edged Weapons:
    Main Knife – Ka-Bar 1245
    Main ‘Hawk – SOG
    Patrol Vehicle:
    Can Am Commander UTV Side by Side
    Squad Radios – 6 Midland 33 mile radios, 2 – Anytone TERMN-8R’s
    Clothing: The terrain and foliage at my AO is a mix of pine and juniper with a tan/red pumice sand. To match this I chose the Cabelas Western Zone camo pattern. During the winter, Temps can reach -30 so Cabelas Polarweight Base layers are used.
    Boots: Cold Weather - Danner Pronghorn 1200 gram, Hot Weather – Wellco US Army issue
    Compass: Lensatic – a throwback to my Boy Scout days
    Topo Maps: Rams Maps – Hunting unit topo maps

    I hope to see someones list that has their stuff together like Sandman.

  2. Here is a list we put together for a very specific circumstance with an unknown threat: The 72-Hour Tactical Defensive Go Bag. This would be a bag ready to go for the Patriot who suddenly needs to - literally - run out the front (or back) door into an unknown threat, prepared to carry-on for up to 72 hours.

    Fighting Rifle
    Fighting Handgun(s)
    CQB Pistol(s)
    Fighting Knife
    Field Knife
    Folding Knife

    Less than Lethal:
    Taser & reloads
    Pepper Pistols
    Less Lethal Ammo (if carrying scattergun)

    Night Vision
    Range Finder
    Eye wear

    Scanner (HomePatrol)
    CB - Hand-held
    Tactical Commo
    Some sort of internet-capable device
    USB Sticks

    Ranger Beads

    Smoke Generators
    Signal Flares

    Hand Tools (Good multi-tool will do)
    Electrical Meter

    Plastic Restraints
    Fire Starter
    Mini Torch

    Body Armor (Personal Choice)
    Tactical Vest/Rigging (Personal Choice)
    Camo net (sized for 2 people)
    Tactical Clothing
    Tactical Gloves
    Work Gloves
    Rain Gear
    Disguise Kit

    Ear Protection
    Gas Mask
    Latex Gloves
    Face Paint


    Medic Kit
    Hygiene Kit
    Water Filter
    Insect Repellent (AO Specific)
    Sun Screen (AO/Person Specific)
    Vision Extras (Contacts.Glasses)

    Sleeping Gear (Personal Choice)

    Can Opener

    Duct Tape
    Solar Charger (Comms)
    Rubber Bands
    Home/Car Keys
    Inspection Mirror
    Spare Batteries
    Light Sticks
    Fishing Line (Security)
    Sewing Kit


  3. Unit Standard
    Required Basic Equipment:
    1) Rifle. (5.56, 7.62x39,308 preferred)
    2) 200 rounds of ammunition for same rifle.
    3) Water container, one quart minimum.
    4) Cleaning kit for above rifle.
    5) Suitable carrying gear to transport personal equipment.(web gear and/or knapsack)
    6) Individual first-aid kit.
    7) Combat or hiking boots.
    8) Copy of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
    9) Camouflage Uniform x2 (asap) USMC MARPAT preferred.
    10) Flashlight & extra batteries w/ red or blue cover (keep weight to a minimum)
    11) Knife
    12) 3 Days worth of food
    13)Rain poncho or small ground
    14) Bivy sack and woobie.

    Additional per individual.
    26.5 mm flare gun, red and green flares, white illum chute flares.
    UV5R 2 meter radio
    FLIR scout or other NV equip.
    Katadyn or Sawyer-One water filtration.
    Whistle and Mirror for squad signals
    Fire kit, Nav Kit, Survival kit.
    Sidearm (9mm, .40cal, .45 cal. preferred.) plus 50 rounds.
    SOG Tomahawk, Panga/Kukri Machete.
    4 days additional food.

    This is basic stepping off the porch gear, or basic load for patrolling with NPT. Not going to list retreat/ Defend in place gear/assets, that list would be too long.

    Most of us also have many of the items on K's list in our kit too, but these are REQUIRED basics.

    1. Crisp and Clean, Sandman.
      No need for me to be redundant...

    LWRC REPR 16" (308) MBR w/ ACOG (600+ yards)
    8-Magpul 20 rd magazines (possibly 25rd mags. after eval.)
    168gr SMK Federal ammo (rifle)
    Glock 22 in SafarliLand ALS holster
    135gr Winchester Ranger ammo (handgun)
    Handgun magazines vary between15 rds and 22 rds
    Crye Precision CPC w/ Level IV plates and Level IIIA side inserts
    Crye Precision Battle Belt w/ Level IIIA armor inserts
    (Emdom/ MM CM inner belt replacing Crye factory inner belt)
    HSGI rifle mag pouches, Emdom handgun mag pouches
    TERMN8R radio (coming soon) in integral CPC vest pouch
    Ontario USMC Knife
    ITS med pouch w/ tourniquet, etc.
    Dump pouch
    MultiTasker MultiTool w/ Emdom pouch
    EDC Knife (currently Spyderco but varies with mission)
    Crye combat apparel w/ integral knee & elbow pads
    Hydration pack/pouch w/ 100 oz bladder (on vest)
    Fire starters (blastmatch,etc) in hydration pack
    Asolo Boots
    SKD Pig gloves
    Elzetta flashlight w/ pouch
    Bridgedale Merino socks

    Helmet w/ PVS14 NVG and DBAL added for night ops.
    This is what leaves the porch on foot. Pouches spread between belt and vest.

  5. Individual Equipment SOP

    · AR-15 with sling and 6 magazines minimum, attached white light with lens cover (tape)
    · Co-witnessed or BZO’d backup sights if using an optic, spare batteries for optic
    · Web gear/chest rig capable of carrying all required equipment
    · Team radio (see SOP)
    · Canteens/hydration pack sufficient for expected activity/operation
    · IBOK (see SOP for content)
    · Fixed blade knife, USMC KaBar or equal
    · Compass
    · Multi-tool/leatherman/swiss army knife
    · Poncho, military type; color appropriate for terrain
    · Survival / E&E Kit (see SOP for content)
    · Admin Kit (see SOP for content)
    · Eye/ear protection
    · Clothing and footwear appropriate for METT-TC
    · Gloves, mechanic style; color appropriate for METT-TC

    Administrative (Admin) SOP

    · Waterproof/resistant pad and pen (Rite in the Rain preferred)
    · Headlamp/flashlight
    · Protractor and map of AO/AOI (UNMARKED)
    · Utensils/spork etc.
    · Canteen cup or similar
    · Sunscreen/lip balm
    · Sunglasses (ballistic preferred)
    · Cravat/bandana or Shemagh
    · TP/Small package of wet-wipes

    Team Radio SOP

    · 2m/70cm Dual Band HT capable of operating on AA batteries, FT-60 or Termin8r preferred
    · Ear piece
    · Radio pouch/pocket
    · Extra batteries for 72 hours of 80/20 operation
    · Cloning cable

    Individual Blow Out Kit (Trauma Kit)
    Minimum Standard:

    · IBOK Pouch, identified w/1st aid cross, MOLLE attachment points
    · CAT tourniquet or equal, 1 minimum; 2 preferred
    · Tourniquet (1) secured to exterior of IBOK pouch with bands or case/pouch
    · Israeli Battle Dressing (I.B.D.), 1 minimum, 4" or larger
    · Compressed gauze, minimum 2; 4 preferred
    · Nasopharyngeal airway, sized appropriately
    · Chest seals, non-vented HALO preferred, minimum 2
    · Chest decompression needle, minimum 1

    · Nitrile gloves, 2 pair
    · 4x4 gauze pads, 2-4
    · Extra I.B.D., Decomp needle
    · Pill pack (Tylenol 1000mg, Keflex 500mg)
    · Pen and casualty card
    · 100mph tape, +/-3'
    · Headlamp
    · Nasopharyngeal airway lubricant
    · Cryc kit

    Survival/E&E Kit

    · Molle Pouch capable of storing S/E&E items
    · Folding knife
    · 50' 550 cord
    · Matches/Lighter/flint & steel
    · Water purification tabs/filter
    · Casualty blanket, od one side
    · Esbit (or equal) stove and fuel
    · Flashlight with red lense
    · 6' 100 mph tape
    · Small 1st aid kit, altoid tin size
    · Canteen cup or equal
    · Orange signal panel/bandana
    · Whistle
    · Zip lock bag(s)

  6. better be ready to train and equip those that show up, buyer beware, because the end of this thing is not what you may think it s. get over your gucci gear "condor sux" mentality. gear does not equal survival. most won't live through the first firefight they see. get over gear brand names and buy gear for those that show up nekid. if you know your biz then anyone that buys you time to get it done is worth the $100 investment.

    1. Enter the Hi-Point. New .45 ACP for about $150 retail.

      Carbines available as well. It may not be what you or I would choose as a combat sidearm - but the guy or gal who shows up at your porch on D-Day +1 who needs a way to defend or contribute on offense - it is perfect.


    2. nice lists. Because Grandpa is Grandpa, he insists on first things first. He says... get your mind right. It is going to be very loud, very vicious, very violent. If all you can do is stand there pointing the fucking thing and trembling, you might as well be holding. ..
      never mind. He says anyone worth talking to at this point already has all that shit and more, anyone who doesn't is way behind the curve and needs to get off the intardweb and off to Sportsman's, or GunsAmerica, or... somewhere.
      And he says "howdy" to Lineman, and everyone else who's been listening for years. Pack your guns and vittles, gents, the show is about to start....

  7. Hey folks - I've added a TO&E tab at the top of the blog so we can explore this topic more deeply, and the post won't get buried. Feel free to paste your answers on the new page - I'd do it but don't want to step on anyone's toes by pasting for you without permission.

    I think this is an important topic and can help guide us all moving forward.



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