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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jebadiah Fisher

Related to the premise of the post immediately below - about having sufficient stores for yourself and new friends who will come into your life after SHTF, is the ability to produce food.

You probably already have seed.  You may even have some laid-up for people who will need some.  But seed is very inexpensive, it will help make allies, and it will keep hungry people from killing one another.  Even if you are in the 'burbs and plan to stay there, if everyone of you focus on a different crop, you'll all be in abundance.

The weather this year has pushed back planting schedules in most zones.  Drop into JFGS and replenish what you plan to put in the ground this year.  Buy an extra assortment for yourself.  Add a few packages to your seed vault for that awful day when our world will become ugly, and you are in a position to help allies avoid starvation - with a handful of seeds.

Here's JFGS.


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  1. Already in the ground. Second year ordering from them.


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