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Friday, March 27, 2015

Practical Tactical: Dropcam Pro Security Cam

One of the projects we'll be updating you about shortly is the new Studio.  So many of you have contributed to the project, we are eager to show you how it is turning out.  We are very pleased with the remodeling that was done for us.  The space will work excellently as both a dojo and Yoga/Fitness space for Holly's classes.  Look for a full update next week.

This post is about security, specifically the Dropcam Pro WiFi camera pictured above.  I installed one at the Studio and it is an outstanding widget for Patriots.  It is WiFi, which means I can check-in from any of my devices - tablet, phone, computer.  When we install multiple cameras, the feeds all go to the same device, so there is no toggling back and forth.  You can choose to record to the cloud as an option, so you have either a 7-day or 30-day record of what transpired.

The image is crisp, with 8x zoom, and even works decently in low-light.  I haven't added IR to the space yet, but I'll let you know how that turns out.  The camera is versatile.  You can set No-Go zones within the cameras field of view, and if any motion happens in that zone, you can get an email as a heads-up.  On top of all that, it has 2-way audio.

One of the uses we are considering is to give access to the parents of our school-aged students, so the family can click-in and watch the class.  Of course the primary role is security, and for getting eyes and ears on a space the Dropcam does a very good job.  You can get enclosures for mounting it outside as well.

Wherever you need eyes for your personal security, I can recommend the Dropcam Pro to you.

Here's the site.



  1. Good review and I can attest it is a good product. My question is how do you feel about the privacy implications considering DropCam is a Nest product, which is a Google product?

    1. Privacy: I wouldn't put one in my bedroom or anywhere I considered sensitive, to be sure. While I despise what companies like Google do with the information they collect, I approach each situation with a simple litmus test: Is the benefit to me worth more than my annoyance at their behavior?

      In this case, the benefit to me is worth it.

    2. "I approach each situation with a simple litmus test: Is the benefit to me worth more than my annoyance at their behavior?"

      An Egoist!! Now what, wait till you're 75 to admit it?


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