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Monday, March 2, 2015

Sparks31 at Idaho PatCon!

The Planning Committee for the 2015 Idaho PatCon in July has announced that Sparks31 will be in attendance!  If you have radio/Comms questions, I urge you to attend the PatCon and get your answers.  Opportunities to meet experts like Sparks face-to-face will become nearly impossible once SHTF.

I don't know about you - but I'm going to ask him to sign my copy of Grid Down.

If you don't have Grid Down yet - here are the links:

Hard Copy here.  eBook (PDF) copy here.

Here's the announcement from the Planning Committee.

If you live west of the Mississippi, I encourage you to find a way to join us in July.  Take your vacation.  There are many outdoor activities for the entire family in the area, including water sports on the lake.  Bring your ATVs, trail bikes, fishing gear, hiking/camping gear, shooting gear - we are planning one heck of a week!  You'll meet great people, share the company of serious Patriots, and have many opportunities for some great family R&R.


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