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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric Part II

Often we forget the root meaning of the words we use.  We can lose sight of the Evils we fight just because we deal with them daily.  We can fail to feel the gut-wrenching reality of the fact that an American Liberal is an insidious, vile, cruel malignancy that seeks to cover the planet in Red - through spilling your crimson, if necessary.

Indeed, see how easily I blew through the word "Red" in the opening paragraph?  I bet for most people it didn't even register a flicker of bile-raising disgust.  Most of us are so familiar with the words, we fail to always appreciate just how Evil and dangerous the concepts against which we rail are to Humans.

The color Red has been associated with Socialism and Communism since the two concepts began coming online in our history.  Take a moment and let the words Socialism and Communism in the last sentence sit with you long enough that you start to get angry.  Do not just blow by them intellectually. Until we embrace our disgust of those Evils, until we get pissed off every time we encounter the words, because of the very real Evil they represent, we will not really begin to get traction against them.  Our enemies have done a good job of making them just words.

The symbol at the top of this post is from the Progressive Labor Party.  They have been around for a long time.  Their members committed violent felonies to further the cause of Communism in America as far back as Vietnam.  Their members danced with glee at the news of every American who died in Vietnam.  Those fucks had (and still have) a "Secret Party" within their ranks - people they tasked with separating from the public work of the PLP in order to advance their goals beneath the radar, like a cancer.

Here - let me run a fictional character by you.  Mister X is recruited into a secret wing of a violent Communist group in America.  He's given orders to drop from sight and stir shit to further the cause under the radar.  The first thing he did?  He set up a "Worker's Militia" in Ohio.  The whole operation gains little traction, and this particular Commie isn't the brightest bulb in the knife drawer.  He also loves the sound of his own voice way too much to remain in the shadows.  So he continues his "militia" business through the years.  He's really bad at his job, so he publicly tries to sell the story that he's switched teams. (That works so well for the gays...)  In the last decade he's proven his loyalty to the Founder's Ideal by inspiring Patriots to take actions - while he is conveniently not present - that amount to zero on the political Richter Scale.  To prove his bona fides, he even publicly cops to his past as a Commie - and swears it is all behind him.  Really! It says so on the Internet!  The readers of our little fictional character should believe him, right?

Because - Taqiyya, that's why!

Now, the PLP is still in business in America.  For reals!  Here, they even have a website and a Wiki page.

Now, Patriots, ask yourself a deadly serious question: Do we really believe this country has not been turned Red by the people like our *cough* fictional Mister X?  When we look at every aspect of American life through the lens of our Founders, do we see anything at all that is not absolutely bass-ackwards in this country?

A few years ago I made a concerted, public effort to begin calling Liberals as they are - Communists.  It has gained a little traction, and the word Communist is re-entering our lexicon, and at least among we Patriots, it still has a foul odor.  Obviously I am not taking credit for the resurgence, many of us have been hitting the same points - but I am on the bus.

But I realize now I did not go far enough.  I did not make it simple enough.  The word Communist is not sufficiently broad to cover every PoS Enemy of Liberty out there.  Hell, those pieces of sh*t re-brand themselves every 6 months.  Example: There are only 5 "Official" Communist countries left on Earth.  Game over, we won!  Right?

Nope.  So I am falling-back to the basics.

Reds.  Red Commie/Socialist Fucks are the problem.  Reds.  Red Fuckers.

Here is a Hard Truth: If every single politically Red Fucktard on the planet disappeared into the ether tonight, we'd still have problems in the world tomorrow - like Tyrants who just wanna Tyrant, regardless of political ideology.

But I dare say our problems would be insignificant by comparison.

Let's start painting the bastards as they are - Red.

Red Mike.  (Bloomberg, of course - whatsamatta with you?  Troublemakers...)  Red Barry.  Red John McCain.  Red John Kerry.  Red Congress.  Red Executive.  Red Media.  Red Ivy League.  Red Labor.


Let's get back to basics.  Let's remind ourselves not to let words become meaningless.  Let's get back to the point we just have to spit every time we run across one of the fuckers.

Get your hate on, Patriots.  Despite what they'd like you to believe - there really are reasons to hate, and violence is not always morally wrong.

Fuck that.

Fuck Reds.


Symbols matter:


  1. There really is a time for everything under the sun.
    There really is a time to hate (REV 2:6), and a time to kill.
    Such are we admonished, and such is our DUTY, if we believe.

    And if we are called to hate a few certain things which He hates, then it's ruckus time. Because hate, like love, demands action; and if we forego the necessary action which flows from said Justified hatred, then we are lukewarm (REV 3:16) and risk facing Judgment ourselves.

    It doesn't get any plainer than this - this is the season wherein He is separating the sheep from the goats, and the wheat from the chaff.

    At this point, anyone still looking for a "political solution" is essentially proving that they are daft; and this includes all the foolish 'Reds' who believe that their favorite brand of -ISM is going to obtain for them what they want, along with all the lukewarm who are crying, "peace, peace" at all cost because they are simply afraid of undertaking what needs to be done.


  2. I note that "red" has been used in "election" maps for quite some time for places that the Elephant Party wins. I'm thinking about a decade ago, roughly, when it started.
    Don't tell me that wasn't on purpose.

    They do want to paint the whole world Red, even if some of it has to be red to be accomplished.


  3. You sure got the principles right. And of course Communism--which is already here BTW, they just saved the trouble of changing the names on the titles--is but itself the manifestation of the philosophy of Collectivism. Yeah, it all sure 'nuff bleeds red.

    The personal charge looks like a race to the bottom to me. Funny, cuz IMO he had lowered himself well below you, and I'm not sure why you want to beat him at that. In any event it's a huge charge, especially right now with that "END" post, and should therefore command affirmative evidence, not merely conceptual consistency with existing evidence. But that's my standard, duh. Naturally, since I think transparency--of non-tactical matters anyway--is the most potent weapon the Good Guys have.

    1. Race to the bottom? Nope. I am not engaging him - that would be arguing beneath me on every level, a politically imprudent move. Red Mike isn't playing at my level.

      He simply offers a brilliantly evident example of the premise of the post that can be articulated. A parasite to be studied.

      I thank him, sincerely, for being such a Useful Idiot. It takes real prowess to be a Useful Idiot to both sides. ;)

  4. I would go with Parasite as the word for Communist, Marxist, Fascist, Progressive etc because it creates disgust at the sound of it...We all understand what the word Red means but the average man on the street doesn't and then you have to spend time trying to make him see the light...Parasite everyone knows that word and what it stands for and a majority of people understand they are quite nasty and if untreated will kill you...I think zoomie needs to come up with a flyer of Are you A Patriot or A Parasite and have some good graphics to go with it...JMHO...

    1. Patriot or Parasite?


      Paging Master Jedi Zoomie...

  5. I want to also give you my definition of a Parasite... A Parasite is anyone receiving something that they didn't earn either by providing a good or a service(consensually recieved) or by investment... If you are providing a service that is foisted on those who you are serving your still a parasite...Its sad that there are so many Parasites out there and probably only a third of them realize that they are a Parasite...

  6. A few years ago I made a concerted, public effort to begin calling Liberals as they are - Communists.

    I remember, thought it was great and now call all collectivists commies. Makes it much simpler. :)

  7. As I have been saying for many years now -
    Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!


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