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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The most brutal fights tend to be the shortest in duration. Let's Win. Fast.

When the Court speaks of Congress improperly delegating power, what it means is Congress’ authorizing an entity to exercise power in a manner inconsistent with the Constitution. For example, Congress improperly “delegates” legislative power when it authorizes an entity other than itself to make a determination that requires an exercise of legislative power. 

Mike has an excellent find, here.  (Relevant pages begin on Page 28 of the PDF)

We all know of the recent 9-0 win at SCOTUS for Tyranny.  We all know (especially if you visit RLR) that IRS immediately set about returning their gunsights to political enemies.

While I am a firm believer that Judicial Review may not be the determining factor of what is, or is not, Constitutional, and Justice Thomas relies upon that very premise as he cites court cases to support his general positions, his positions are not wrong.  The only "wrong" is his premise that "It is wrong because the Courts have said it is wrong..."

But I'll live with that wrinkle, for now.

Patriots have much work to do.


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