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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Strategic Value of Unknowns

Here is a Hard Truth: There were as many armed Patriots at the last NC PatCon I attended as were at the Foley Building in Spokane.

Let that sink in for a moment.

That is not a dig at the Washington Patriots - hell, I have been to Patriot events all over the country like Foley where turnout has been consistently pathetic.  But for the righteous indignation that was the motivator for Foley, and for a "Patriot Leader" who has been in the mix "...since the 90's...", to draw a crowd of 60 or so Patriots is not a win, using that narrow metric.  It is also a major telegraph to the Enemies of Liberty about capabilities, quality of Leadership and intent. That is inside information you would not share with most allies - why broadcast it to your enemies while standing in a concrete canyon with reticles on your foreheads?

The average III Patriot who will go to the Green is not the kind of person who is inclined to attend political rallies or events, especially when the Mission Objective is just to bitch and complain, and especially when most of us have become convinced that such political remedies are not feasible.

Most hard Patriots I know will show up when it is real, when there is an actual, defined task to be performed - like opening Memorials.  That event brought together far more than people who self-identify as III - there were OathKeepers, bikers, Vets, Tea Partiers, and more.

The average III Patriot simply is not going to go and rah-rah in a circle-jerk.

Private events in the Patriot community are far more appealing to III Patriots.  The enduring success of Brock's NC PatCon is testament.  And the general chatter at such events is not bitching and whining - but planning, training and networking.  These are people who intend to go to work when there is work to be done and when that work has a reasonable chance of being successfully completed.

Bill Nye held the first PatCon.  Local, Local, Local was the cry, and it works.  It works in every community I have been where it has been tried.  And here is the most important point: Such events do not openly broadcast capabilities, leadership quality, intent, strengths, weaknesses, et cetera - instead, such events create unknowns for the Enemies of Liberty.

If we are indeed in the final historical moments of quiet before Americans begin hurting one another, telegraphing all your Tribe/Team business is not prudent, certainly not in public where head-counts are easy and all of your people are in a concrete canyon.  Unless you want to be the next Boston Massacre...

Let's not ask our Militia allies to put themselves in danger for the benefit of a weak public political display, when they are our Minutemen who are properly reserved for ensuring LEO doesn't have the best seat in the house when things get real.

As a community, let's consider the value of unknowns.  Let's consider the ROI of public displays of discontent where our numbers do not match the day shift of the Mayberry LEO shop.



  1. Spot on. No telegraphing strengths / weaknesses, no public displays. You can count on me and mine when things get sporty. Quietly prepping, training, networking, and PT until then. There are LOTS of greymen out here. Coming your way soon. Lewis Wetzel

  2. Dead on the keel, sir. Political polyandry is worthless at this point. It is worse than worthless, for the reasons you so plainly outline above, and at least one more - credibility in the community.

    If a group goes out and engages in a public display of impotence, then they are giving their credibility away. Such a group will find it harder to recruit new members, and much harder to obtain the trust of the MSM-brainwashed masses on the day when they finally begin to wake up.

    Fledgling Liberty Men are going to want to join/align themselves with a group which has demonstrated it's mettle, and sends the signals out that it is looking to demonstrate it some more.

    In plain language, we have come to the point where being a visible outlaw is the proper posture, and a bit of ruckus is good for business.

    We should be giving the praetors and apparatchiks a healthy dose of ruckus, at least in one place across our country, every day. Because it is OUR COUNTRY, and we are free to do in it as we please.

    And for you praetors out there, there is an old legal precedent which says, "that we have given to forebear on the exercise of these, our rights, in the past, in no way abrogates or curtails our exercising of said rights, either now or at any point in the future which we may deem fit to do so."

    Ruckus - it's what's for dinner.

    So when you go out, bring some... or don't go out at all.


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