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Monday, April 20, 2015

240 Years Ago this morning

By now, 240 years ago, the British that had set out to Lexington and Concord had been chased back into Boston.

15,000 Colonial Militia surrounded Boston.

Why did the Militia not move into the city and throw every Loyalist and Regular into the sea?  I think it would have been prudent, in hindsight.  But the realities on the ground were what they were.

Washington penned of the events: "...the once-happy and peaceful plains of America are either to be drenched in blood or inhabited by slaves."

We are at that place once again, as even our Founders suggested would happen.

This time, we know the stakes.  This time, we will know to run the fuckers into the sea, and sleep soundly that night.



  1. The sea is still too good for them; hell shall have to suffice.

    And should we leave but a single one undispatched, we shall have failed miserably in our duty; for the corruption of petty tyrants is so pernicious, and the venom of their slothful greed so toxic, that even the slightest bit of tolerance has, time and again, proved wholly inexcusable.
    Thus has history taught us, through painful repetition.


  2. Our Lord instructed the newly wandering Israelites to rid the confines of their dwelling of all leaven in preparation for the Passover... we are told in the New Testament that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump... they also received instruction to clear the Promised land of all inhabitants - which they repeatedly failed to do... the end result being unnecessary difficulties...

    what am I saying..? do you really need to ask..? my position on the matter is thus: offer the remainder 2 choices 1) a single bullet for their own use or 2) the fast track permanently out of this country, off this sacred, hallowed ground... there is no Door #3

    not very Christian..? evil tolerated is evil welcomed... Israel thought they could "handle it" but "it" came back to bite them... are we not so tired of being bitten..????????

    1. Thanks, PP, for expounding on exactly to what I referred when I said - Thus has history taught us, through painful repetition.

      Sometimes I fall prey to the assumption that others see exactly as I do, and give myself license to speak in shorthand. "Sometimes" actually becomes "quite often" when I'm under personal duress, as is currently the case.

      May grace and strength be heaped upon all who love liberty; for that awful smell about you is not the stench of general ignorance, but rather the breath of demons upon your neck...


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