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Thursday, April 9, 2015

From FireHawk at WRAM: Jade Helm Going Hot Right Now

Just in from FireHark at WRAM:  Did you know DHS removed citizens right off the street in North Carolina a few days ago? Or that DHS units were spotted in Massachusetts and Florida...today! Jade Helm operations are underway this very moment! Major militia units need hard intel to execute effective responses in the right places and the right times. Join Firehawk as he interviews the Commander of one of the largest militia organizations in the enation. Discover what’s happening and what’s being planned to stop unconstitutional “extractions” (read kidnapping), in American cities and towns.

Join us tonight “Getting Ready to Fight” on American Firestorm; brought to on Blog Talk Radio at 9:00 PM ET.
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I have not searched for secondary sources for this information. Any secondary confirmations from my Militia Allies - even if your information is "soft" - is appreciated. - K

If there is even a grain of truth in the report, every Patriot should be at a heightened state of readiness.  If there is ANY confirmation, full defensive posture should be assumed, including, perhaps, even making certain you travel in Buddy Teams.



  1. Mmm... If you're pushing me for a response right now, it would be "bullshit".

    Too much intel to the contrary at the moment.

  2. This is interesting.

    Jade Helm 15 exercise, Colorado backs out

    Now local media in Colorado are reporting Colorado is not going to participate in the exercise. NORAD and NORTHCOM also have a huge law enforcement role as well as federal military forces. The old ENT or NORAD had a primary goal to protect US and Canadian airspace and maritime defense but today the role of NORAD is much broader and also includes homeland security, countering transnational criminal networks and stopping smugglers and other activity.

    "It’s safe to say NORAD is the nerve center for monitoring super storms, cyberattacks and domestic & foreign terrorist attacks. To say Colorado is excluded from any of this activity training or otherwise is nonsense. Colorado is the nerve center for Martial Law if and when it’s ever ordered on a mass scale in the west, east or both NORAD will be there."
    "The name Jade Helm (blue helmet) itself has raised eyebrows in the Prepper and survivalist community. Blue Helmet can be attributed to UN forces which also has concerns of real martial law orders in the USA."

    Just a coincidence with the Cheyenne Mountain Post?


  3. Going to have to agree with Alan, there's nothing else showing up.

  4. Sorry ... jade is mostly green not blue.

    Crawling back into my lurker hole now.
    ...your welcome

  5. I'm not seeing anything pop either - reducing to "speculation - at best" for now.

    1. No PIPs here, sir. Gonna have to call it BS.

  6. My AO has had experienced an uptick in flyovers
    by helicopters for about 2 - 3 months now.
    The most recent was on Wednesday afternoon.
    A Kiowa with 2.75 pods mounted on both sides
    did a lower than normal pass (for military traffic) over a
    civilian area.
    Before anyone barks, I did not say the pods were
    loaded and ready for use. I am only reporting the
    flyby with mounted pods.
    Yes, the Kiowa is supposedly being retired.
    No, it is nowhere close to being phased out of
    service yet.


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