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Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution"

“Today we share the gifts of a founding generation which largely understood the nature of tyranny and oppression. The founders realized that if an unconstitutional action was taken by the government and the Constitution was violated, the document itself would not simply produce fangs to bite the offender. Simply put, they realized that the document does not enforce itself,”

I don't recommend many books. I'm a firm believer in self-awakening.  I commend "Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution" to you without any caveats.  It was written by David Benner (His website is here) and it is available at Amazon, here.  

The next time some idiot wants to use 3rd-grade intellect and 4th-rate arguments such as "Hologram" to tell you why the Constitution was all a scam, you can smile at their ignorance, or smack them in the teeth with Compact.  I'm a fan of both methods.

Here's something that may surprise some of the Secessionists out there - I fully encourage you to push your State to secede.  It is your State that has all the power and legitimacy to do so.  I encourage it not because I think your State will actually secede - but because in that journey, you will help restore the proper balance of power that was intended by those who wrote and ratified the Constitution - overwhelmingly in the favor of the States.

Once that balance of power is restored, FedGov and the Evils the men and women within it perpetuate, will die on the vine.



  1. -"Once that balance of power is restored, FedGov and the Evils the men and women within it perpetuate, will die on the vine."-

    I'd use a little 'Roundup' to accelerate the process, but that's not the same as saying I disagree with your proposition, K. The American society of the 1790s was one of true freedom. People went about their business, unmolested. THIS is what we need to return to:

    There was not a single paid "police officer" in the entirety of the 13 colonies. "Arrests" were the purview of the Militia; and "Investigations" were the duty of Grand Juries summoned from among all free men in a jurisdiction. Prosecutorial power, dangerous as it is, was never permitted to concentrate into any standing group or body, beyond the scope of a single case or complaint.

    Some states intentionally left their Attorney General seat vacant for extended periods of time, simply because they hated sinecures, and there was so rarely an actual case worth prosecuting.

    Well over 97% of all offenses that actually made it to court, were heard by a petit jury, which had full authority over the matter, once it was constituted - the "judge" was simply a technical figurehead for the proceeding, and was usually a temporary (and unpaid) appointee. In the majority of cases, both plaintiff and defendant represented themselves, and the law was simple enough that it was perfectly plausible for them to do so.

    Pause, and consider such a society. Give you mind the opportunity to walk down such streets and engage with such people as would choose a system of such simplicity. Not ease, but simplicity.

    What a contrast to the society we are forced to suffer under, today. If you cant' examine a premise in it's natural execution, then you cannot comprehend it.
    Thus are we challenged today, to contemplate a thing once natural upon these shores; yet which has been made most foreign by the demittion of generations. Whether it can be restored, I know not, but I am most willing to spend myself thoroughly, for the purpose of it's resuscitation.

    1. LT you hit the nail on the head...That is one of my main premises of trying to get people to move to like minded areas so we can implement that very thing...Can you imagine the possibilities and innovativeness that would arise from that setting...Once it got established people would be lining up for miles to live there...

    2. And then the culling would start, lineman, it would have to because 3 out of 10 people(my estimate)would be the only ones that either believed in Rightful Liberty or are willing to change their behavior and thinking to conform to that Standard. The other 7 people might "get along" for a time, but eventually they would screw up and would be "run out of town", and good riddance to those who couldn't follow the basics of standards for manners.

    3. Amen as long as nonsense wasn't tolerated then everything good would flourish... Its when you allow things that don't make sense then things get screwed up...

    4. Banishment, Grog. Banishment is the key. And if they will not leave, then let the blood flow. A community is like an organism - it needs an immune system.

      Details of such will need to be worked out by reasonable men, because it's going to have to happen.

      And it won't be a one-shot deal, either. Every generation thereafter will need a little cleaning up, lest things again devolve to their currently deplorable state...


    5. Banishment, thank you, that's the appropriate word. It was my point, but you clarified it, much grass. :)

      And, as you mentioned, and as K has emphasized many times, extirpation as required.

  2. The slam against "Hologram of Liberty" was unwarranted, fatuous, and stupid.
    Just sayin'....
    J. Chleva
    Centennial, CO

    1. Believing the silly conclusions in Hologram is just sad.

    2. You are a fucking idiot. You understand that? A fucking idiot. You and every other fuck head who parrots that meme.

      K, this fucker needs to be banned from this site.

    3. You live in a hologram of reality... and I'd strongly suggest that you remain there. Too many hard truths and icky inconveniences out here in the real world for folks like you to deal with. That's ok, we've got it covered.
      Meanwhile, Barney is on the TV for you...

    4. LT, you mentioned barney? here ya go. :)


  3. Lynchpins folks. All have been taken from us and turned against us. But lynchpins they remain.

    -Prosecutorial power, dangerous as it is, was never permitted to concentrate into any standing group or body, beyond the scope of a single case or complaint.

    -Well over 97% of all offenses that actually made it to court, were heard by a petit jury, which had full authority over the matter, once it was constituted

    Stop and consider the implications.

    If a mans conduct met with the standards of his community, then who would prosecute him?

    What jury would even be willing to be assembled to judge his actions?

    Do a search on the legal procedure "calling tales" and understand... it was the last act of a prosecutor who couldn't even assemble sufficient interested parties to empanel a jury. If calling tales failed to empanel a jury, then the prosecution failed and the case was dismissed for lack of proper form.

    Men of character could thus defend one another against malicious prosecution... simply by refusing to show up for jury duty. It was the first tier of nullifying acts available when true liberty was evident upon our shores, and it was done with regularity in colonial days.

    The power of nullification is built into the American system at every level, and it was put there with the intention that it be used against *every* malicious act committed under color of law, and against every attempted concentration of power in the hands of would-be tyrants.

    We have but to learn the tools which our founders gave us, and then to use them with vigor and good faith...

    1. I agree but the big portion of that statement relies on us being surrounded by people that love liberty as much as we do...We can have all the tools know all the right ways and if were surrounded by moochers, cheats, liars, thieves, idiots, well you get the picture then we are still up shit creek without a paddle...We are probably even worse off since our eyes our open and we have a solution but no way to implement it...Causes great frustration that simple fact...

  4. Agreed, brother. While we are outnumbered and surrounded by moochers and liars, lead by those who have sold their souls, such legitimate methods will be of little effect. But we must know them, and practice them, just the same. Otherwise, we will not have done what we could to avert bloodshed.

    Additionally, it behooves us to practice such rightful conduct, in anticipation of the time when it will be of gainful effect, so that we are prepared to take our place in the strong communities which we seek to build. Practice brings proficiency. Just like PT - no pain, no gain.


    What you can.

    Where you can.

    Each day.


    1. Yes we need to do that also but see I'm a results oriented guy and I can see the potential of a community of Patriots for everyone involved and those who haven't seen the light but would have a lighthouse for when they do...I can see what we ate capable of just online think of what we could accomplish if we lived next to each other;)

    2. Heh, reading back through my comments and I'm gonna change my tagline to -

      If they will not go,
      then let the blood flow!

      Si autem noluerint recedat,
      tunc dimisit quo sanguis fluxio!


  5. Here is my tagline I want to live in peace with all men and if I have to kill everyone around me to do that then so be it...


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