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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Congratulations: Birmingham, Ft. Worth, Gary, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Stockton...

Nationalized Police Force.

Call it what you will.  

It is what it is.



  1. Look at any popular revolution and you will find the answer in bold face type - Selective Targeting - go after the perps who are high enough up the food chain to be calling the shots in that particular gang of thugs. When this practice is consistently engaged, there will be a dearth of front-line thugs willing to take that "promotion".

    This achieves several things -
    1. it engenders terror in the entire criminal organization; for if insurgents will target first-line supervisors, will they not target 'the brass' as well?

    2. It debilitates the criminal organization because there will be few, if any, veterans in the supervisory positions after a rather short time, resulting in 'Fresh Meat Syndrome'. The impact on organizational readiness of such a condition cannot be over-estimated - when prosecuted effectively, it neutralizes nearly every force multiplier which the criminal organization relies upon for their operational domination of the populace

    3. It emboldens additional people to participate in the resistance movement through lesser acts of disobedience, thereby choking the control efforts of the criminal organization beyond their capacity, which yields a positive feedback effect (snowball effect) overall

    The net of this is that the weakness and ineptitude of the criminal organization is plainly revealed for all to see, and also forces them to play from their weakest position - a sure formula for their total failure...

  2. This is why pretending not to make a choice, is making a choice for Tyranny.

    Marvin Louis Guy. As he goes, so goes the country. That's my guess.

  3. I've long since made up my mind. If I see any LE abuse of a citizen, I'm reaching for my sidearm or carbine instead of my camera.

    1. Right there with ya. Fact is, I've already turned the car around and made a second pass of a traffic stop several times, drawn and at Condition 0, because I suspected that I was about to engage an abusive officer. Upon making further observation, neither of those instances justified my issuing a Hard Stop to the piggy in question, but one of them came damned close to getting inoculated.

      Of course, the bar is ridiculously high as far as me doing so in the course of my daily life - I'm not exactly Mr. stealthy under normal circumstances, and I'm loathe to give up my queen for one of leviathan's pawns...

      But on an intentional patrol, with a plan to find and address such abuses, inclusive of a reasonably reliable exfil, then I'd be much more inclined to commit to such a course of action. But that would require a support element with the same zeal which I have... certainly a difficult requirement to fulfill.

      What we really need is a patriots' time-share plan; i.e. I'll come to your AO for a weekend and help you run an op, and next weekend you got to another III'ers AO and do the same for them, etc., etc.

      The visiting III'er gets the benefit of anonymity and a 'safari guide' who knows the local jungle; the local III'er gets the benefit of plausible deniability, because it's not their *tools* that were used for the caper, as well as the obvious benefit that the job got done.

      And everybody involved gets the experience of actually entering the fray against tyranny. This is essential, because there is no substitute for experience...


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