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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Consider: April 19th, 2016

Consider: April 19th, 2016

At least 100 Patriots in each state of the republic muster to read a Declaration of Grievances modeled along the lines of the DoI.  

Consider those Americans declare they will no longer tolerate the trespasses of thugs and tyrants into the Constitutional and Natural Rights that are the birthright of every American.

Patriots who affirm their belief in the ideals and Rights embodied in the original intent of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

At 50 locations across the country, 50 groups of serious and capable Patriots declare that any further trespass upon those Rights shall be defended, whether they are defending themselves or their neighbors, whether at the moment of trespass, or the hours, days, months or even years after.

Fifty groups of Patriots issue Fair Warning to those who impose such trespasses politically and those who enforce those trespasses physically, to cease and desist immediately, or be named Enemies of Liberty and Humanity, and violators of the Natural and Constitutional Rights of their Countrymen.

Consider 100 or more such Patriots in every state, swearing to one another and their Creator that they will have Liberty or Death.  They may execute this oath independently or in LGoPs.

They mean to defend this oath, and they mean not to die in the chains of tyranny.

A few thousand Patriots standing together in clusters across the republic, unafraid of the media cameras as they sign their names to the pledge, and swear their oaths to one another in the presence of their Creator.  A few thousand American Patriots who are willing to sacrifice the security of home and hearth, if they must, for Liberty.

Serious discussion only, please.



  1. That could work-however-everyone present who signed their names and make the pledges would be under intense investigation.by .gov inc.
    But the point would have been made that there's enough of us who are serious about restoring Rightful Liberty that they have a problem they can not contain with just a few SWAT raids a few flashbangs tossed into baby's cribs,and family dogs used for target practice.
    That's exactly what team .gov inc. needs to see-odds that are no longer in their favor.
    They need to see and understand that there are serious groups in every state.
    Look at the resoures used by .gov inc. to capture Eric Frein in the Pa moutains,look what the LAPD did over Dorner.
    In heavily forested areas,their planes and helicopters are useless to find a determined individual or 3.

    1. Absolutely correct - Anyone who musters and signs his name will be treated as were those who signed the original DoI.

      And if those untold numbers of "Grey men" don't respond when the 5,000 are being SWAT'd and IRS'd and otherwise hunted for sedition and treason, then at least the 5,000 know they were the last of a breed...

  2. It is long overdue. And doing it in 2016 is particularly apropos, considering the circus will be in town.

    We have a year to get everything coordinated.

    It can be done. It should be done.

    There is nothing limiting us to 100 in each state, either.

  3. wouldn't a grouping of 50 100's or so across this nation make the .gov's cheerios look like they were swimming in yellow milk... to think that groups of someones dared to voice displeasure at their rampant disregard for Rightful Liberty... heh heh heh

    on a more serious note - the thought of trying to organize a sort of PatCon up here in the coming year had already been on my mind.... many such activities take place well to our south and/or west making our attendance difficult to arrange... an effort such as the post suggests along with a NEPatCon could(or not) help bring some up here together as we're few and widely spread... time will tell....

    1. Along your thinking - perhaps we get Patriots to schedule PatCons for April 19 2016, and the centerpiece event(s) could be the public announcement of the content of this post, as well as a tie-in event along the lines of WRSA's NPFD - an FTX of sorts that puts all 50 or so groups in contact with one another...

    2. "perhaps we get Patriots to..."

      That's the underlying contradiction. Can't be done.

      Of course I know what you mean...."persuade Patriots to choose such-and-such." But before you can persuade someone what they ought to choose, they gotta first be able TO choose. That's why Rightful Liberty is cornerstone; notice that it's not "rightful will" but just plain "will."

    3. K- LexEmOp 2016 = Lexington Emerald Operation 2016 - effort to connect via comms all across the nation("the Regulars are coming!!!")... maybe some video uploading along with... AAR's to include the day's or days' events

      as sunrise moves from east to west, so the comm op follows... American Patriots waking, responding to the east then reaching out to the next AO west...April 18th Sunday - the day before, a live presentation by at least me from the Chaplain's page if that's possible or creating a place for it to be... All III Chaplains would be welcome to participate... "A Call to Patriots Across All the Several and Sovereign States"

      i think a tingle just went up my leg...

    4. Let me know how I can help. tcumseh@hushmail.com Tom.

      I'm still in this AO and it's unbelievably bad. We are farther down the tyranny impact path than many of our brethren due to the quisling nature of our gubernators. I know the CT state capitol made me feel that I wasn't 100 percent alone, we are small in number but we care deeply. That was clear that day and is clear now.

      From a suggestion standpoint it may be a good idea to begin practicing balaclava makeup application at such events. Take a tip from the Ra, the forces of doom love face recognition and long range lenses.

  4. It is unfortunate that this plan was not in
    place for this year.
    In far too many ways, on many fronts, we are extremely far
    behind in the fight to restore our Republic.
    Unfortunately, when this occurs next Patriots Day, this much
    overdue and needed action will be at least two years behind
    when it should have occurred.
    Regardless of being traitorous communist shitbags, the
    enemies of our Republic play an unending and continuous
    game of chess, counter moves, check and mate, almost
    always before we set our pieces on the board.

    1. Aw shit, here we go again. How do you think stuff gets DONE?

    2. Aw shit, here you go again, posting
      a response as if I personally called
      you by name and slandered you.
      You don't know me.
      I don't know you.
      However, you have decided to take a
      holier than thou tack with my comments, questions
      and opinions.
      Moreover, I don't know how the ubiquitous, open ended, vacuous and vaporous "stuff gets done," that you smugly refer to gets done.
      What I do know is how to type "go FUCK yourself" and find another leg to hump you asshat mutt.
      Most sincerely, Dwayne Chandler.

    3. Very cordial, D. "Holier than thou," you say? This, after you write comment after comment saying how wrong everyone else is doing it? Doesn't that get tiring?

      You know the point---if you want something done, then do it.

      Me, I don't give a shit HOW anyone does what they do, as long as they don't obstruct others. Those who are doing good, even better. Really, you didn't know that? I figured that was basic to you, but nothing surprises me any more.

    4. Uh, it's what he does. He's also a fucking anarchist and a liar.

  5. As previously stated, "go fuck yourself," along with adding a hearty "fuck you" to your phony cordiality, which ranks equally with the stupidity and dishonesty of the "moral high ground" politeness.
    AM, as I stated earlier to JK, I don't know you and you don't know
    So call me amazed, as I read that I am an "anarchist," whatever the hell that is. Moreover, we have never interacted socially, tactically, strategically and on mission, in which I fucked you over operationally and/or verbally.
    Save the "liar" moniker and knee jerk sensitivity for your short-comings and life failures.
    As for, "Uh, it's what he does," my dick wants to laugh.
    You have no idea what I do, just as I don't know what you do
    with yourself.

    1. Oh, I'm pretty sure I'm hep to you now. :-)

    2. He was talking about his opinion of me, D. According to him I'm an anarchist because he concluded it. I'm a liar but he can't put up the lie. People have been trying to do that for decades now without much success. Like he's something special.

      I'm not looking for you to be a fan of me, D. Hey, more pals the better, but it doesn't really matter.

      "Phony cordiatilty?" Really, is that what you think? Ask Alli about my cordiality; I doubt he'll agree. I thought the plan was to be polite, be courteous and be prepared to kill anyone who threatens you. Do I have that wrong as well IYO?

      I'm cordial to you because I believe you get it, always have. That's the end of it for me, and I judge you as not willing to try to coerce me into anything, which socially is all that matters. Real friends come in meatspace mostly, as you note. How well can you know someone on the internet? My answer, "Depends."

      So you keep waiting for everyone to see it your way, and you can even jump on Alli's bandwagon if you think you're gonna force it from everyone. I'll fade that action...not in a million years will you do that IMO, but nothing like that is ever certain.

      One thing that's easy about a phlosophical/physical war like Liberty versus Tyranny---if there's NO COMPROMISE IN PRINCIPLE, it's easy to tell who's on which side.

      I'm guessin' you're not too big on compromise either.

    3. Having read this, my final on this is to hold fire, cease fire.
      I will not broach the subject again, it is over and done.

  6. all should agree to a Declaration of Grievances,and every man/woman in agreement should sign said document on said date of April 19,2016. has the Declaration of Grievances been written? if so please share if not work needs to be done to create such document.

    1. Gearcheck: No document thus far - the concept is brand new. Would you be a signer? (No foul if the answer is no - just testing the temperature of folks)

    2. I'd sign it.

      And nail it to the door of the NC legislature...

      Then again, I've already put those scurvy turds on public notice.

    3. Contrary to popular slander, I am most ready to sign.
      Check and mate.
      Set and match.
      Starting Now.
      Signed, Dwayne Chandler.

  7. K, Grandpa and the entire fam and tribe will sign; and deliver. And for JK and DC, I don't know either of you; and you don't know me. But as a favor; could you please keep the dick contest somewhere off line? And if not off line, at least off here? Honestly, no one gives a shit. - stormfriend

    1. Don't start none, won't be none.
      Whenever I comment it has always
      been in the format of genuine questions,
      comments and/or criticisms of what I
      believe to be incorrect tactics and strategy.
      Moreover, I become an especially bitter commentator
      whenever an "anonymous" commentator does not know what it is commenting about, especially in regards
      to supposed "dick contests."
      I respond in kind when I am shit on without provocation,
      as any genuine fighter and free person should.
      Please save your "no one gives a shit honesty" for
      the two-faced asshats and hemorrhoids blighting the Patriot community.

    2. K,I would definitely sign and I would convince others to do so as well

  8. time to start is now - today.... whether there's a single IIIPSA Declaration or one developed by each state for signing and presentation, the discussion of content must start immediately so we're not flat-footed on April 17(can't get much done in 2 days) next year with nothing but our once good intentions...

    if you're in Region I, contact me... we will need to spend some time connecting in some way

    1. Careful now, before Klein and Mullenax gang up on you.
      I made the same point with my initial post regarding this
      proposal for next Patriots Day 2016.

    2. Some cease fire! Don't sweat it...EVERYONE'S gonna get their chance to choose, soon enough. Reality arbitrates.

    3. Hey Cav Med, I assure you John (Prepping Preacher) has no fear of me ganging up on him. You see, I know him personally. We get along fine. :-)

    4. Check the time stamp.
      I made the comment about ganging up
      on Prepping Preacher before I read your
      post and called a cease fire on my comments.
      As stated previously, I am not going to comment
      further on the previous "discussion."
      It's over and done with.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q54Oeun4o3I

    "The Future Is Now" - Offspring

    This city’s made of diamonds
    And tomorrow glass will grow
    On the freedoms that divide us
    They’re coming after me
    Flashback 1984
    Now who’s knock-knocking at your door?
    A thought that starts a riot
    They’re coming after me now

    Life is not the same
    I am one but
    Sparks turn into flames

    Will you take what’s in my head?
    And erase me when I’m dead?
    Cause the future is now
    And now I’m disappearing

    The day has turned to night
    Can you save me from the light?
    Cause the future is here
    And this is how I disappear

    Running down a spiral
    With the light of better men
    Shouting progress is survival
    Take one last look and see me
    Now you see me, now you don’t
    No vow to break
    No string of hope
    My hero, your pariah
    They’re coming after me now

    Life is just god’s game
    I am one but
    Sparks turn into flames

    And you get what you deserve
    When revenge is what you serve
    Cause the future is now
    And now I’m disappearing

    I’ll sink into the night
    And I’m turning off the lights
    Cause the future is here
    And this is how I disappear

    So the end’s what you make it
    And that’s what you’re looking for
    This is the future
    The future is now

    I disappear

    Now turn off the lights
    The skies are blue inside you
    Turn off the lights
    They’ll get inside of you

  10. Offspring? not a bad song, but not the best selection, how about this one?


    I'm in.

  11. I would gladly sign. In blood if needed. I give it away freely what's alittle more?


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