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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cui bono? Baltimore Chaos & Corporate Sponsorship?

Received this email from a serious and astute Patriot:

Caught just a bit of the news from Baltimore last night and found something curious:

  • Mayor's afternoon news conference, she was wearing a new baseball cap with the Under Armor logo big and proud
  • Governor's news conference - he was wearing a polo shirt with word "Governor" and perhaps a state logo of some sort on right breast - Under Armor logo big/proud on left breast
  • US Congressman Elijah Cummings (#2 on Darrell Issa's Congressional Oversight Committee) - media caught up with him walking streets last night talking to protestors - wearing what appeared to be new jacket, with Under Armor logo on left breast
  • All occurred yesterday afternoon thru evening
So - is Under Armor the new official corporate sponsor of the Baltimore riots, or for the various governmental entities in Maryland?

Oddity - they bother me. Once accident, twice coincidence, three times enemy action.


Anyone else out there noticing anything similar?

Cui bono, indeed.



  1. Now 5 cities with active "protesting" - Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, Oakland, and now New York City

    Protesters in New York City calling for 6 pm ET demonstration in Union Square to demand 'justice for Freddie Gray and black lives across the country' - @Gothamist

    Philly, Houston, and Atlanta are in the queue...
    Summer of '68 all over again.
    But this time they will push much harder.
    They have "no choice".
    They know this is their last chance...


  2. Never noticed, but now I'll be watching.

    Thanks, just another thing to add to my list of paranoia.

  3. That was the first thing that struck me odd...under armour...

  4. Let the boycott of UA begin
    Rd III

  5. Under Armor is based in Baltimore, so the most likely explanation is a simple 'buy local' gesture on the part of local politicians, rather than something nefarious. At most it may be evidence that Under Armor cuts the city and state a good deal on clothing, uniforms, etc. in exchange for god-knows-what advantages.


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