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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DC Grid Down

Here's the link.



  1. Foreshadowings.


    Tempus bonus,
    hoc venit est;
    Illi sanguinem
    In eses,
    Malumus erent


  2. I remember the 2003 Blackout. Sold out of milk, ice, and most batteries. Good thing the first two as they wouldn't have lasted in the heat. Boss was going to get his generator if it ran longer than the day. My flashlights ran on C and 123 batteries. We still had them in stock so I grabbed some extras. Worked until we lost daylight, jumped in my jeep, and went home. Someone was paying attention at NU that day, and isolated the grid before my town lost power.

    Most of the region had power back in a day. One of these times the grid won't bounce back at all.

    1. Sparks, I think we've met, but not sure.
      Reach out to me if this makes sense -
      @yahoo is the best way to make the connection.

  3. My email is sparks31@unseen.is

    Awaiting your communication.

  4. From Drudge: North Charleston officer faces murder charge after video shows him shooting man in back on Saturday, April 4th.
    Stick that in your fucking pipe and smoke, you knitpicking cat shit counters.
    Yes, that rage applies to any and all murdered by the police.
    Especially for James Boyd, whose murder in New Mexico for "illegal camping" was recorded by the HD chest cam of one of his
    murderers, which was ignored and blackedout by the pandering whore quislings of state propaganda.
    The offense of a broken taillight earns you death by .40 S&W in our Republic.

    1. Agreed. New Mexico has turned into an absolute cesspool of FED.GOV faggotry.

      New Mexico is also a clear example of the fact that you cannot live off the government tit without being corrupted. Period. End of story. In less than 75 years it has been transformed from a "backwater" where damn near everyone was self sufficient, into a leech farm of government dependents who want and need to be treated like slaves...

      As for the fragility of the power grid, and the natural gas pipeline network, etc., etc.,

      "The two-fold pressures on America’s grid infrastructure, of increased demand and greater need to transmit power over long-distances, mean that the risk of wide-spread power outages are a growing reality here in America, and as more generation stations are taken off-line, that risk will only continue to rise.
      When demand exceeds the capacity of a natural gas pipeline, pressure reservoirs (storage tanks) at the pump stations must be drawn down to maintain the volume of gas in the pipeline, to prevent a loss of pressure…but this only works until the reservoirs are bled dry. At that point, the pressure pumps must be spun down, and the pipeline is effectively off-line until it can be re-primed, and a minimal buffer capacity returned to the pressure reservoirs, which would require hours, or even days, to accomplish."

      Yeah, let's convert all the coal-fired electric generation facilites,to natural gas, or just plain decommission them. Especially in the Boston-to-Wasshington DC corridor, this is the architecture of a death-trap. Get out, before it is sprung...


  5. So, loss of jus 1 ceramic conductor did all this? Hmmm, that is an interestingly fragile system. Bet those DC folk are skeered of tha dark too.


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