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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Food is Life

Some parts of the country still have a bit of time to get seed in the ground.

Everyone in the country needs a good selection and quantity of seed stored for the Evil that this way comes.

I encourage you all to buy at least a modest package from Jebadiah Fisher now, and either use it or store it, or cache it, or give it to someone you may have to feed in the future.

You don't have enough ammo, correct?  You don't have enough water.  

I promise, you do not have enough food, either.  If you are forced to bug out, you can't carry hundreds of pounds of stored/dried foods.  But you can take the equivalent in seed, and it'll weigh just a couple pounds.

Here's the link.  Think ahead.  Think to win and to live.



  1. Three pounds of 110 Conibears will keep you in rabbits, squirrels, muskrats, and other small game, including fish. They work while you sleep. At less than a pound always carry a gill net for buckets full of fish. Heavy aircraft cable snares, placed on game trails, will catch the big stuff. A lance point that can double as a knife does the close work.

    I'm just talking about food gathering, light weight, 101f and g.

  2. Plant a garden. Trust me you won't have to go looking for rabbits, squirrels, or large game. They will come to you.

    1. Ain't that the truth. Someone's still got to trap mink and beaver. Ha...you won't take a sheepskin, but maybe you'll take that!


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