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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Police are a curious bunch of folks. There is little question as to what my fate would be, if I violently abducted a man off the streets and he died before I had released him. Collect a paycheck funded by coercive taxes, slap on a badge, and magically this behavior earns you a paid vacation instead of a lengthy prison sentence.


One thought folks: If Baltimore, Philly and NYC light-up and stay lit for any length of time exceeding 10 days, you should seriously consider taking your remaining FRNs and all-in to the lead market, immediately.  If Chicago, Boston, DC or ATL join-in, you really should consider activating whatever protocols you have in place for that SHTF moment.  



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  1. There is no longer any "IF".
    It is only a question of "WHEN?"

    And to all appearances, the "when?" has already begun.

    Those who have worked for the last 50 years to create this situation have put everything into the pot to bet on this sequence of events. They will not be denied their chance, their one-shot play to come out on top.

    They will not back down. They will not go quietly. They will push the fight with every means at their disposal... and most of the heavy tools are in their hands. They are not afraid to use them.

    Pride, hubris, greed, and rancor; all mixed into a heady brew which they over-indulge in, singularly and severally. They feed each others obsessions and inordinate beliefs, living in an echo-chamber of their own evil contrivance.

    There is only one way to overcome such mass-insanity - smash their infernal machine, and eradicate as many of it's architects, engineers, and promoters as possible. Surely it is regrettable, but they have negated every lesser option.

    When they signed our death warrant, the death warrant they issued upon our entire way of life, they also signed their own.
    The malice they have engaged in has been with full knowledge and will of purpose, over a prolonged period of years. There can be no excuse, no exoneration by way of claimed ignorance.

    By their fruit shall ye know them, whether they are good or evil. And every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

    The time for all these things is now.



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