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Monday, April 13, 2015

Is Rightful Liberty the Proper Commander's Intent?

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I made the answers simple: Yes, No, or 'Yes - with Restore the Constitution' as a combined mandate.

Please take a sec and let me know your thoughts.



  1. I suppose it's ok. A bit simplistic though I believe.

  2. Yep, restore it, and asap plug the damn loop holes.

  3. Yep, Rightful Liberty, and Restoration... is the starting point. Where we go after that is 'blue sky'. Restoration is a much lower bar, in terms of being comprehensible to the average fUSAanite than any of the alternatives, so if we can't convince even a useful minority of our fellow citizens here in fUSA that Restoration is a just and proper objective, then we've lost already.

    Any 'moving forward' type of Article V Convention at this point is just death throes; the violent expending of life and energy which comprises that final act of frustration; the death mask of a society which has willfully walked into the minefield of political experimentation, and despairs of ever finding it's way out.

    Is this our fate? If we do nothing, it certainly is.
    But if we do as our Founders did - from the pulpit, and in the press, and in the public square, and on the field of arms; if, with all of our efforts, we set out to arouse our neighbors, then all may not be lost.
    But to do so, we must arouse those sentiments among our neighbors most antagonistic to tyranny; those sentiments most inclined to sacrifice for the good of the next generation; and most of all, those passions of the heart most conformed to the will of a providential God who would aid us.

    Surely, we have fallen, as a nation and as a people. But I believe, just as surely, that we have reached out to us the hand of a God who saves those who call upon Him, One who would receive a nation of prodigal sons and daughters with joy, should we but return to Him. One who loves the contrite of heart without limits, that none should perish.

    We have a chance. And a choice.
    Who shall we serve?


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