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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jade Helm?

A Patriot just sent this link - some folks in San Antonio are finding red & blue 'X' marks on curbs in front of their homes.

Conspiracy-minded folks are well aware of the notion that red & blue X's may be used by Team Tyranny when the time comes for round-ups.  Might this be related to Jade Helm?  Might this be an indicator that some aspect of Jade Helm may be going live?  May it simply be an operational (training) aspect of Jade Helm?

Might it simply be some guy wanting to stir the pot, putting red and blue X's around the neighborhood?

Beats me.

But to dismiss something like this without strong evidence that there is NOT a possibility that something nefarious is related would be an absolute FAIL on the part of people who may be on the Naughty List.  Until you have a convincing, logical and prudent reason to dismiss the concern, do not let Normalcy Bias and/or Cognitive Dissonance win the day.

Examine EVERYTHING with the understanding that there are Domestic Enemies who have probably identified you as a person who needs attention.

You will remember LEO marked homes after Katrina.



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